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I think there should be some system where after maybe rolling 10-20 times for a given property, only better stats can be rolled. (eg. current CD = 30%), after rolling 10-20 times, only (>30% is given).

I seriously spent like 200+ souls and never gotten a perfect 50% CD. Really annoying!
I think of enchanting like gambling. Instead of just enchanting until I get what I want I do the following.

I do like 10-12 enchants and if I am not making progress I take a look at my material counts and I tell myself to get up and walk away from the table once I get down to 500 Veiled Crystals left.

Then once I get more veiled crystals (usually the next day) I try again. I can usually get what I want or really close on my second enchanting session. You can look at my wizard and you will see that most of my enchanted stats are perfect and the ones that are not (97% crit damage, 49% crit damage, 644 and 649 intel) are really close and I have not bothered with perfecting them yet.

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