Solo: Generating Arcane power at RG

In testing the twisted sword build at the RG, it seems I am dry on AP even with FW/conduit and 4 AP on hit on source. Is there some trick to generating AP at the RG such as hoping to spawn a boss with alot of ads?
Herbrags binding belt
Binding belt will force you to use spectral blades, or similar signature.
Which kills force weapon / conduit. :/
Which changes gameplay... And overall I'm unsure if actually better.
Just switched to force weapon myself.
If you are using your Templar you can select his Inspire (increase your Arcane power regeneration rate by 1.4/sec) skill instead of his Guardian skill.

If you want him to use both of those skills (like me) you can use a Templar token that allows him to use all of his skills instead of just half of them. I also use the Prodigy and Astral Presence passives.
The short answer is that with Conduit, Astral Presence and 4 APoC and 10% RCR it's simply impossible to spam twisters constantly on a single target. If you're getting 6s contact time on your targets, you can get close with 3 targets. You can increase your RCR and improve matters a bit but single target is always going to be a problem and that RCR comes at the cost of other valuable stats you could have instead.

On a good RG with some cornering, you should be able to get a modest amount of twisters out but it won't be like during the rest of the rift. Your Stricken will start to do work though on the RG and eventually balance things out but it takes a little time.

The solution that many have used is to run Etched Sigil with Hergrash's and a channel to get 6 twisters out for free. The channel can still run AP positive so you can toss in your own manually cast twisters on top of the free ones and end up with an ok amount in play even on a single target. The build is a bit awkward to play but it's been the common method so far on the leaderboards because it's reliable and more consistent than non-channel options.

This might change soon though, as I see we have a new solo leader as of yesterday who is not channeling. It usually takes one to show it can be done and then others follow suit. There is are trade-offs between the two methods but both are proven to be viable in 85+ solo.

02/24/2016 05:40 AMPosted by Silicon
Binding belt will force you to use spectral blades, or similar signature.

You're thinking Shame of Delsere.
02/24/2016 11:56 AMPosted by grippgoat
You're thinking Shame of Delsere.

oops yes, not the channelling belt... apoc belt :)
sorry, i guess there are two main build variations for solo, one with channelling and one without.
Yep--a few new leaders are running non-chanelling--I have run the build and it's great up to the RG--have no idea how they are killing the RG.

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