I quit because I don't want to farm paragon 16/24

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The game got entirely way too boring for me as well. That's why I haven't played in weeks. The game is no fun, when all you are doing, is farming paragon non stop. I simply wish there were more fun things to do once you reach end game status.. I would think Blizzard has realized this by now..

The problem is, with a patch not too long ago, and lack of info on what Blizzard is doing. I simply do not see any new content being brought to us any time soon.. Be it in the form of an Expansion or patch. I believe they are going to milk seasonal players as long as they can.

For the future, I hope there is more to the game than starting a season, grinding paragon, climb leaderboards, then do it all again the next season.. It is a boring/annoying/vicious circle.
"I quit because I don't want to farm paragon 16/24 "

your week has 16 days?
which planet do u live in?
03/04/2016 06:52 AMPosted by Alecta
Indeed? What else is there to do besides grinding paragon? Oh you mean the 1 week gearhunt?

This so bad, item drop rates need to be toned back and free sets done away with so that there's a mid-game again.
Haven't played in months. I've played MedianXL though and I've played it consistently over the last 10 years.

the D3 devs could learn a lot if they took a look at that mod... or cared...
Well, some players manage to farm paragon 24/7, how do they do it?
Somehow, they must be playing while they are sleeping...

Developers are too late with latest paragon nerf in GR 70+, this season we'll see players reaching paragon 4000 or 5000 and all this will carry over to non-season.
I quit because I saw that all my efforts in this game are a complete waste of time because everything gets reset and changed so frequently.

I don't like losing all my progress after investing so much time into a game so I stopped seeing the point in playing until Blizzard stops "tweaking" all the gear and numbers.

It's too bad this game was designed to be too shallow to allow for long-term replayability without the need for constant patches. The constant patching and tweaking make everything so meaningless.

Why should I invest hundreds of hours now when I can just wait a couple of patches and get the same rewards for less time and effort invested?
ahh then...you quit.

Well, farewell and god speed to you. take care there.
03/04/2016 05:59 AMPosted by Baron
Yeah, the skill or even gear doesn't matter anymore if you are 1k para below some other guys.
but but but that's D3??!!! drops are all worthless, skills don't apply to this game.
It is "turn mind off, try not to fall asleep and farm paragons" who doesn't want 2 play this game made for people with an iq of 10?!
by playing the game you gain experience you are gonna grind paragons any way even at a very low rate. dont see your point
03/09/2016 06:39 PMPosted by Luffy
"I quit because I don't want to farm paragon 16/24 "

your week has 16 days?
which planet do u live in?

My day has 24 hours, Europe, planet Earth.
In my opinion D3 has taken a turn for the worst. I play D3 to pass the time now because not even 30 mins into adventure mode grinding rifts for keystones im bobble headed eye shut, bored, and tired of the same ol routine. Its quite sad that seasons have evolved to such an unsatisfying pursuit of goals. The OP is right about gear not really mattering that much. legendaries are sh-it now and for season 5 ancient gear is best, your specialty gems can be boosted way past OP levels, Paragon levels are pretty much mandatory in order to get to the top. This game is slowly becoming distasteful to the average player. D3 isnt focused on the average player anymore. D3 is built for the no lifers, the momma boys who mooch and live in the basement, the no job no girlfriend gamers. Sorry to say I have never made it past 600 para lvl on any season, why you ask? Because i have a 60+ hr a week job, a family, and other priorities and responsibilities to attend to. The only reason I am playing D3 seasons is because I spent the 120 dollars to get the game and the expansion so you better believe im going to get my moneys worth event though I feel I will never get it fully back. So to all you players who claim there is nothing wrong with the way D3 was built and that life was meant to be stuck behind a f uckin computer 24/7 to farm s hit on D3 then I guess lol it is for you.

P.S. dont forget to yell at your mom for more monster energy drinks and pizza rolls.....
03/04/2016 10:14 AMPosted by Lynch
03/04/2016 05:59 AMPosted by Baron
INB4#2: yes, you can say good bye and pretend there is no problem with paragons.

The issue runs much deeper than just the paragon system. D3 is flawed to the core.

P500 and thousands of posts....why do you keep hanging out here?

I would really like to know.
I totally agree with OP +1. This is terrible game design.
03/07/2016 01:05 AMPosted by Qwenta
I don't know why solo players want to compete with other players. Keep playing alone, dont look the LB, and i you don't like to play GRs just move to other games.

Im a solo player and i was on 1st page on solo monk leaderboard every era and season 4 (world rank1 era3 and current world rank 4 even i stoped weeks ago to play this game).
Paragon system and gem upgrading system for solo players must be changed in all ways and while this is not changed there is no point for me to fight for rank1 against ppl with 1k+ more paragons and higher rank gems).
I do not enjoy this game anymore when i know they can beat my results by few tiers higher cos of their paragon and gems.
I more liked game when it came out 15th may 2012 when i managed within 5 days to kill Diablo on inferno mode 1 of the 1st in the world.
Once i stoped playing this game for awhile when blizz made paragon system and returned when RoS patch came out. And now came time again to stop and wait when blizz will made new patch that allows solo players to compete on solo leaderboard with party's that farming pragon 18 hours a day and without any problems coming to beat all records cos their paragon/gems allows them at the end of season/era.
Getting boring as hell, constant grinding, ridiculous lags with really nothing to look forward to each season. Doing the same old nonsense over and over AND OVER again... C'mon, beefing up one class... and nerfing it every single season. I'm officially out of this mundane game. D3 is dead.

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