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I'm from Malaysia and i play in America region. I've been experiencing high latency since this week. The game runs fine two weeks ago, it was smooth and i enjoyed playing it.
The game started to lag heavily since this Monday. The game is totally unplayable.

I've tried troubleshooting in this page but nothing works.
My brother is also experiencing high latency in the game as well.

Please help and fix it. I believe it's server issue. Been playing the game and it was fine two weeks ago.
Same here, seem to happen more frequently during weekends (started approximately 3 weeks ago). Please help
I got the same problem here. Kindly fix this problem. Thanks
Same problem here I've tried multiple methods recommended by the forums and google to no avail.
Game was fine until 2-3weeks ago.
I have no problem with other games such as CSGO etc.
Heavy rubber banding issues and lag.
Latency 1k+++ - 2k+++

Country : Malaysia
ISP : TmNet Unifi
Bandwith : 50mbps

I play on America Region.
Same here...im from country Malaysia...latency 1k +++
Same thing. Malaysia, Unifi 30 Mbps internet, everything else is fine except Diablo III. Ping ranging anywhere from 600 - 2500. Absolutely unplayable.
same issue - from Aus and have been experiencing very bad rubber banding and latency spikes between 1-2k.

I find that this happens mostly in 4 man GRs when im about half way to two -thirds through. Issues normally ends with an error code 3006
I'm also from Malaysia and using UNIFI 30mbps plan. Last few weeks was doing ok, but recently the ping just gone crazy and went to 1k and above. Totally unplayable.
Same issue-from Malaysia-using UNIFI 20mbps.
I used to play AUS server since few month due to high latency US server but since few days now, same issue appear AUS server.
The internet connection is perfectly fine and well playable with other games.
Blizzard, please help!
Wtf, i thought i was the only one experiencing this problem. From malaysia too, latency today is basically unplayable. I bet it all those american running from their server problem flooding the SEA region. Git out from my region. Build a wall.
Letency up 900-1.5k more than 1 week already
Already posted in a similar thread, but wanted to be sure my issue was addressed across the board, as this is a major issue for you customers and should be resolved as quickly as possible.

Long time player, first time complainer! This is getting ridiculous! My housemates and I have been on for less than an hour and each of use has horrific lag (900+ms) and we've been disconnected multiple times. Truthfully, one of us usually has a lag issue, but it's not too bad and we work past it. We thought it was our internet and setups, but I know for a fact that we've done everything we can on our end and we have no issues on other games (the Division, Hearthstone, Blade and Soul, LoL, etc.) Please, for the love of Tyrael, fix this problem!!!
Almost 50% packet lost to AU server...

Target Name: N/A
Date/Time: 29/2/2016 3:10:54 PM to 29/2/2016 3:15:54 PM

Hop Sent Err PL% Min Max Avg Host Name / [IP]
1 120 0 0.0 0 208 4 []
2 72 0 0.0 7 157 22 []
3 120 0 0.0 6 70 12 []
4 67 0 0.0 41 121 78 []
5 120 50 41.7 128 175 138 ge3-8.core1.hkg1.he.net []
6 120 43 35.8 128 168 137 vocus.gigabitethernet4-9.core1.hkg1.he.net []
7 120 43 35.8 243 290 255 ten-0-1-1-4.cor01.syd04.nsw.VOCUS.net.au []
8 120 50 41.7 243 279 252 ten-0-0-0.bdr03.syd04.nsw.VOCUS.net.au []
9 120 57 47.5 242 287 251 as17819.cust.bdr03.syd04.nsw.VOCUS.net.au []
10 119 49 41.2 243 284 252 []
Same issue, very high latency, game unplayable... US Server. Been spiking badly past three hours or so, but the past hour has been consistently too high (latency).
Same issue here, issue continues for few days already.

I try playing on different timing, morning, afternoon, evening, night and midnight....same issue happend every time I play. latency pump to 1k ~ 2k.

Network is fine for other games except Diablo 3...please do something thanks.

From Malaysia playing America server...
Any blue could take a look of the problem and at least feedback to us.
thanks for all!
Glad to know that I'm not alone.
I noticed there will be a server maintenance on 1st of March. Hopefully they can fix the problem.
Malaysian here and yes the game is so unbelievably laggy now it is impossible to do anything.
Yes the maintenance could eventually solve the problem ( I try to believe) but it could be more useful to understand why it happened and only blue can potentially get to know.
Well, if the maintenance is going to solve the problem, i may as well wait for 1 more day. Otherwise I will have to ask for refund. No point playing with such high latency. Even in Asia server.

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