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I'm having a hard time actually doing this conquest. I've tried on both a monk and wizard and can't seem to get things right. Can I get some tips please?
Did mine using the flurry tempest rush build with good density had 5+ minutes for the boss.

This is the build I used. Though try and get the (follower can not die) token for Templar
Did it with this monk WoL build and documented it here:

Found that stacking fire dmg really helped the firebell kills (try to get it on an amulet or swap out Envious Blade with a Burning Axe of Sankis). Don't forget to max out Area Damage. Good luck!
Easy as hell to do. WD tall + short mands finger rings elemental ring, belt transcendent bigbadvoodoo rain dance chaneling shoulders. Firebat brachers. And armor % dr if over 90% resource. U do a 45 in 9 min
You know this conquest shows just how crappy
Legendary gear is!.

And shines a spotlight on how limiting build diversity is!
02/29/2016 12:41 PMPosted by Jitter
You know this conquest shows just how crappy
Legendary gear is!.

And shines a spotlight on how limiting build diversity is!
Ermm... what? 1984 called. It wants it's double-speak back. Only on these forums can someone claim lack of diversity in describing a task that is fully 100% open-ended.

There's tons of builds that can accomplish this task.

If anything, it shows the exact opposite - how set gear pigeonholes a player into a designated build. For any given class, there's 3-4 builds that can easily accomplish this, and probably far more.

Conversely name 3 builds using say... Might of the Earth. There's not; there's one with some minor variations/tweaks.
It going to be hard with just any random legendaries. Pick ones that compliment the build when you can. For some slots there is not much choice, such as boots or pants.

I did it using a Disintegrate channeling build with Energy Twister autocast by Etched Sigil.

It was my Legacy of Nightmare build so all gear was ancient except the rings I substituted for Legacy of Nightmare set.

It had a lot of damage reduction (Halo, Unity, Aquila Cuirass, Galvanizing Ward shield, Mantle of Channeling, Slow Time bubble) so was virtually unkillable. Was not the fastest in burning down the mobs but got the job done probably because of the ancients and 600+ Paragon.

1. Crown of Primus wizard hat (largely for 4 Arcane Power per crit to keep me at 100%, also buffed Slow Time with all runes)
2. Mantle of Channeling shoulders (Disintegrate damage and 25% damage reduction when channeling)
3. Aquila Cuirass chest (50% damage reduction)
4. Ranslor's Folly bracers (bunches mobs with Energy Twister)
5. Hergbrash's Binding belt (reduces channeling cost)
6. Magefist gloves (fire damage boost)
7. Pox Faulds pants (damage aura)
8. Illusory Boots (freedom of movement)
9. Convention of Elements ring (damage buff)
10. Halo of Arlyse ring (60% melee damage reduction and autocast Frost Novas)
11. Moonlight Ward amulet (arcane power boost, damaging shards)
12. Twisted Sword (huge boost to Energy Twister damage)
13. Etched Sigil (autocasts spenders)

Deathwish sword (Disintegrate damage)
Ashnagarr's Blood Bracers (Doubles shield)
Unity ring (50% damage reduction when immortal follower wears one too)

Bane of the Trapped
Bane of the Stricken
Bane of the Powerful

Disintegrate - Convergence
Slow Time - Exhaustion
Energy Twister - Raging Storm
Familiar - Sparkflint
Energy Twister - Force Weapon
Ice Armor - Crystallize

Glass Cannon
Unstable Anomaly
Galvanizing Ward

Some other decent choices would have been:
Cindercoat chest (fire damage)
Hellfire Amulet or any of the elemental immunity amulets
Ice Climbers boots (immunity to freeze and immobilize effects)
Fire Walkers boots (damage aura)
Oculus Ring (boosts damage when standing in circle of power)
Andariel's Visage helm (damage aura)
All I did was take my HT set off and put on random bits and pieces I had in my stash. I had to craft a shoulder and helm IIRC. I didn't even change my skills

This is the build I used.

Only differences were I had T&T in cube and I was wearing Mask of Jeram and I didn't have a Furnace yet so I had Wormwood in its place. I actually don't think I even had a Sacred Harvester at that point.

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