Reforge Ancient Legendary

Items and Crafting
I would like to propose the following recipe to reforge an ancient legendary and make sure it is returned ancient but with new rolls.

1 ancient item
500 forgotton souls
500 deaths breaths
1000 white mats
1000 blue mats
1000 yellow mats

returns- a reforged ancient item.

Yeah quite expensive, but think about the implications if you have an ancient item that rolled really bad?
I have never had 500 souls at once, but I have had over 350. I would like a recipe that asks for 250-325 souls.
I'd say 5x the current reforge legendary would be good, so 250 souls 25 of each bounty mat, iirc.

You could reforge leg 10 times AND craft 20 random legendaries, all with ancient chance for what you're recommending, that's just absurd!

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