Ring of Emptiness + Fetish Damage?

Witch Doctor
I am experimenting with a LoN Poison Fetish Ring of Emptiness build:

Helm: Quetz
Shoulder: Corruption:
Chest: TalRasha
Amulet: Hellfire
Bracer: Lakumba
Glove: Tasker
Belt: Transcendence
Pant: Swampland
R1+R2: LoN
Boot: Illusory
Weap: SMK
Mojo: Vile Hive

Cube = Furnace, Jeram, Ring of Emptiness

Question is, if i use haunt+locust to proc Ring of Emptiness, will my Fetishes benefit from the buff too? Or is it just my damage (non pet damage) that is buffed?

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