Wizard build

My current build is based on using slow time, explosive blast, diamond armor and teleport with stun. I cast slow time on mobs and precede to spam explosive blast, diamond armor, teleport and slow time. This build literally wrecks everything that's in slow time. I've done torment 9-10 and it destroys everything in 9 but 10 is a little slower. I think with ring of royal grandeur and firebirds 4 piece, it will wreck torment 10 easily.
This is an interesting approach. You got one fancy wand there.
I've been working on firebird myself but I don't have it working yet. Keep us informed if you get more set pieces!
Why no third legendary gem?

Bane of the Trapped would probably give more damage than Wreath of Lightning for a melee build.

Your Focus ring doesn't give you the bonus without Restraint. Endless Walk amulet-ring set with it's 100% damage increase when standing still would probably be best since you don't use a primary attack.

Give an Oculus ring to your follower and cube something else.
ive been trying to get better rings.. but no luck.. just using what i got until i find the rings i want :(
to do t10 just having WOH and Explosive blast equipped you can pass it easy. Going with talrasha/firebird is much better combo since you get more trash kill just by the firebird dot. Plus you dont have to stand around for stuff to die inside a slow time bubble.
Haunt of vexo or some other stun proc jewlery would probably pay off more out of your Kani Cube considering how many stuns you have.

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