why is reset your router the answer to everything?

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Why is this always the answer? I don't understand. After decades of having a world wide web, routers, modems, cable, satellite and all that jazz; the answer to all our internet problems seems to consistently be reset your router. Why?
It is not the answer to everything, it is simply step one of the basic troubleshooting steps, right after "is it plugged in". Power cycling your network devices often helps which is why nearly any tech support team will have you try it. Why does a router sometimes need that? Probably a better question for the router makers.

There are actually a LOT more steps when it comes to connection troubleshooting and there are a lot more solutions, depending on what the troubleshooting shows. Here is a list I use when helping users troubleshoot a connection issue:

-Power cycle your home network and PC. Yes, this is simple but a reboot fixes many things! https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/31851
-Double check that all your cables are securely plugged in. They can come loose when you least expect it. (Kids, pets, random tripping over wires)
-If you are on wireless try connecting directly to the router via Ethernet cable. If that works then you know it is your wireless connection or interference with it.
-Try connecting directly to the modem instead of the router if yours is separate. If that works you know you have a router issue.
-Try running the game in selective startup mode so that all other software is disabled (note antivirus will be off). https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/23848 If that works then you know some other software on your machine is causing the issue. The most common software issue is security software and overlays. MS updates can play havoc sometimes as well.
-Consider updating your network card drivers and router firmware. I had to update both to fix my own DC issue.
-Do you share a connection where others are streaming or downloading things? That can sometimes cause issues.
-Look for issues with the ISP and connection route. A WinMTR test will give a much better view of a gaming session than the snapshot pathping/tracert https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/27780 Run this for around 10 mins when you are having issues.
NOTE – When the test reaches Blizzard’s servers it will show as 100% packet loss or full timeout. This is due to security masking preventing the servers from responding. This is normal.
-Some people find that a DNS flush helps for some reason https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/82450
If you're asking why it's a step in troubleshooting, though:

Most home routers also include a firewall. All stateful firewalls contain a "state table" or "session table", which keeps track of connections going out and in of your router. They also keep track of NAT (internal to external translation of IP addresses) relationships.

Though they're not supposed to, state tables and NAT assignments can get filled up or corrupted. Once this happens, wonky behavior ensues - from the perspective of the user, performance degradation or just plain lack of reliable connectivity.

Power cycling removes those as potential issues (the tables of currently active connections reset on power down) quickly so the tech support nerd can move to the next likely root cause to evaluate.

For further reading: http://www.cymru.com/gillsr/documents/maximizing-firewall-availability.htm Just the section called "the problem" should do.
maybe.. just maybe.. its on your end, Blizzard. Not on our end. Just a thought.
Hmm, playing in asia region just fine though.. it only happen in the US an EU region.. But I've been only playing in the US region from S9 (my first real season though).. haha.. *Backwardfliptoacliff!*

Okay, i've done everything there is.. also doing the 32bit instead of 64bit still spike in latency when idle like never below 350ish and when engaging enemies goes up around 2000ish..

Gonna stick to asia reg ftm..
03/01/2016 01:28 AMPosted by Vengear
maybe.. just maybe.. its on your end, Blizzard. Not on our end. Just a thought.

Couldn't be their problem. Has to be the plethora of average operating circumstances on our end that causes it. *Sarcasm

I have a perfect MTR to them aT 86ms and still get error code 1016. I have tried every fix they list anywhere and have had the cable company verify all of the connections to the modem and house. Even replaced the modem and all of the splitters. Nothing.
True, I have 3 PC's only one of them gets 1016 error, not a router/network problem. Happens since 2.5 patch :(
06/25/2017 01:00 PMPosted by AvaloN
True, I have 3 PC's only one of them gets 1016 error, not a router/network problem. Happens since 2.5 patch :(

Compare / contrast between the 3 -- computer specs and windows specs. Wireless? Wired?
Come on Blizz there is CLEARLY something wrong with this patch, I have never had this issue.
Clearly something wrong with the game. Now I always get booted when I'm in-between maps going from one place to another when the game is loading. I've tried all the fixes on many of these help pages around the internet including rebooting all my equipment, flushing DNS, looking at hosts file, etc....

Very unhappy Blizzard. I probably won't repeat a future purchase.
08/12/2017 06:58 AMPosted by Roxburin
I've tried all the fixes

Tech support requires providing details? Without such, support is very generalized and not specific to your reasons why posting. So why are you having issues while others aren't? What tweaks have you implemented?

Computer specs?
Windows specs?
ISP / location / wireless?
Same here, had these issues before, they went away and now they are back again over the last few days, get pretty sick and tired of running GRs and and then randomly DCing near completion due to an error code 1016 or 3006 or whatever number it is. Went through the Blizzard list of checks last time...no faults there...!!! But it is not a problem at their end..pigs rear end...???

Not happy at all.
error 1016 "just reset modem or update video drivers :D"
Sory this solution not working, time to fix maybe?
I have the same error as so many others.... When i am playing i suddenly get disconnected and get a code 1016.... when i get to windows the blizzard battlenet installer is searching for network... what i dont understand is that i have perfect internet connection in firefox and chrome... it is only the blizzard program that has connection issues.
Its kind of ruining the hardcore part of the game!!! I have gotten telefragged so many times now and i have tried everything resetting my router, installing new drivers and so forth.... Im not expecting that blizzard can fix the problem but they could at least make a function that gives the players time to get to town when they get disconnected!!!
Just lost my season 12 character for the second time by disconnection... THAT SUCKS!!!!!!

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