I thought there is no Cow Level?

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I went into Immortal Throne today and stumbled upon this.
Could not find any information on it anywhere in the forums or the whole internet.
What is this?

It's a random event, Also if you use the Bovine Baridiche in the Cube it opens a Similar "Not the Cow Level" , There is also the Reg Rift that has a small RNG of getting cows all the way through ending with the Lord of Bells.
Whoa, I knew about the rift and the bardiche one, but I actually didn't know that was accesible via the ruins.

Any decent drops in there? The bardiche one usually nets about 3-5 legs/set pieces, for comparison.
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There is no cow level.
The imgur link in the first post may have a virus embedded in a webscript so be careful about visiting the site. Immediately after viewing the image, my AV warned i had just been infected with "Exploit.JS/Axpergle.BO" with Severe status via webscript from that URL so if you have viewed the image, it may pay to do a full scan of your PC.

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