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I'm having some issues with my GPU fan while I'm playing, only d3 though, it doesn't happen in other games,

Is there some simple solutions to this problem? I've tried to cap the FPS with vsync, didn't work, I'm pretty sure that dust is not the problem.

My PC is old though, GF 8800GTS 512mb, intel c2d e6850, 4gb ram..

Due to the age of the card you have, I'd suggest taking a good look at it outside the computer and clean out any dust/dirt accumulation in the fan assembly and heatsink. If you hear the fan spinning up, the card is just trying to protect itself due to it getting too hot.

When removing the card for inspection/cleaning, be sure to remove the power plug from the computer first.

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I know it's heat related, but might the card be too old for the game? As D3 uses alot of graphic resources, I've heard.

The card isn't the best for it but the game's not going to make it overheat as long as it's cooling system is operating properly. I've got a couple of the same cards at home and over the years, they easily accumulate dust. Replacing the actual fan on them isn't easy as it'll be hard to find one so cleaning is really your best and cheapest bet. But, you may have to replace it if cleaning isn't helping.

I'm available in the forums Monday - Friday 6:00 am - 3:00 pm Pacific Time,
Feedback? - https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Omrakos
Ok, I will start working on that soon then..

thanks for the help :)
i have geforce 250 gts 512 mb, its relatively loud videocard, especially when it works at full power. D3 is graphic heavy game, so my videocard goes crazy too, when i play d3, i dont think there is something wrong with that.

But im pretty sure d3 devs can reduce videocard requirements in that game, so many unnecessary effects that can be removed
I have a descent video card (gtx 960). I can play diablo with all settings on max but my fan spins up really loud when I do.

What worked for me is turning shadows off. It seems to be the biggest load on the video card when playing D3.

Every thing else on high, shadows off = quiet fan for me. GL
I've got some news for you, that still dealing with fan noise issue..

I cleaned all dust inside of my card, and on CPU, put it back together and turned on the PC.. the noise was worse, instantly started to loud up.. no matter what speed I turned it on.. but I didn't change thermal paste.

So I bought arctic cooler mx-2 and took everything a part again, cleaned the old thermal paste and apply-d the new one, and oh my gosh,

It's so quiet I don't even notice, not one spin.. I always played @ 68% fan speed and 45% in windows, to keep it more quiet but I don't even need to keep it at 68% anymore, the thermal paste was the magic trick. I can only lower the fan speed to 30% btw, that's the normal nVidia app speed.

So, clean all the dust, be careful and change thermal paste but watch a few videos before doing it.

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