There was an error loading the hero. (Code 395002)

Technical Support
That's it basically... i can't log in. I have the game for about 3 weeks now... It's probably the glichiest i've ever played... that's my experience... constant disconnects, sudden crashes(the game just closes in 1 sec and that's it nothing happens) and now that... please...
Oh and the best part is... i was doing a greater rift and while i was fighting the boss the game just closed... now i can't even play and try again...
I have the same problem..
Same problem here, just got home and wanted to play a bit. I'm using the launcher to get into the game and it seems the Europe region is inaccesible for me right now (don't know about Asia or Americas, doe)
Same problem here, most likely to be the servers or something
I have the same problem, I try to finish work fast to play a little and I cant even log in ..... WTF
someone now what is next ? when we can rejoin ?
same here. please fix fast!!
SAME ...
same for me too!!!
got D3:ultimate edition as an impulse buy.
code 395002, nice one.
same error
same! FIX IT!
Ditto - this is a flash back to the 2013/2014 round of this same incident... got to 45 pages on that thread...... heeeere we go again, sigh
αντε ρε μαλαγες φτιαξτε το να ουμ!!!
i have same problem,yesterday was so laggy i almost lost my hardcore char and gave up playing and today when i woke up i wanted to play a bit but no the game punch me in the face with this error code 395002
Same problem here, have tried it several times now. :(
Same problem.
same :/
My starcraft game started updating, and rendered my D3 unplayable until the update finished. Have you checked if your other Blizzard games are updating right now?

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