Sudden HP drop

I recently a 5 piece inna set in HC and I'm not sure if there is a bug on it. Everything I pickup a loot from the rg after it dies or click a xp pool my hp drops all of a sudden. Does anyone know if this is normal or is this a glitch?
It looks like it was listed as one of the known bugs in 2.4

Monk - Mystic Ally: Interacting with a Healing Well, dropping or equipping items, or performing other similar actions can cause players to lose health equal to the health bonus provided by the Earth Ally.

That note doesn't mention the XP pools, or the fact that it seems to happen even when you're just picking up items occasionally (which is hard to avoid doing inadvertently). Also, I just checked the PTR notes on patch 2.4.1, and it doesn't seem to say anything about it?
Was happening to me on my wizard when I would loot a rift guardian in a regular rift or grs, its random but its like every other few rifts it actually happens to me.
Lol well it dropped on me while I was clicking pool and there was a elite pack. I triggered my cheat death cos of it, if I didnt have it I was death for sure(HC).

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