How does the PS4 version compare to PC?

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03/24/2016 04:23 AMPosted by HunterD333
Maybe if I had an experience like yours, I'd think differently but I'm on my third generation of Xbox now and though some models have had hardware issues, I've never had a corrupted game save so I guess I'm just not as paranoid about that.

I'm not that paranoid, but when i would lose my "achievements" of nearly 2,5 years constantly "as you say" casual playing, i would be sad. But i would never restart the game.

So i just save regularly to be not sad :)

I just was affronted, that you claimed backup isn't some kind of "non-legit", because players have the chance to revive fallen HC-Chars or maybe can cheat in another way.

All fine, HC isn't good for my style of playing, because i'll test to much with gear. For the thrill i don't need a computer game, therefore real life situations are made for.
I can answer my own question now as I'm level 70 P50 on PS4 so I've had a little time with it.

- Frame rate felt like 60fps solid from acts 1 - 4, but act 5 had noticeable drops especially in Westmarch

- Frame rate is not 60fps solid in Grifts/Rifts. 2 player co-op doesn't seem to make much of a difference to performance, 4 player does

- The Last of Us mobs (Bloater/Clicker) cause big frame rate drops, whenever I get a Rift with them in it, it's noticeably choppy

- The PS4 version does NOT have the micro stutter issue I have had on the PC version since the original beta

- Multiplayer suffers from a lot of delay and rubber banding (at least in the 10 or so games I tried before giving up). I'm using a wired, fiber connection

- The way gems and socket bonuses are displayed is inferior to how it's displayed on PC, no idea why it's done differently

- You can't mass produce gems with one button press like on PC (please correct me if wrong, but I couldn't see the option for it)

- It's slower to upgrade legendary gems on PS4 (minor gripe, but still)

- I do not like the change to Nephalem Glory, on PC it doesn't give double damage nor drop as often, on console it feels mandatory to keep it stacked up

- No seasons is a bummer. I would suggest adding online only seasons with leaderboards to PS4, so the people who want to play offline can continue to do so, but those of us who want to start fresh with other legit players can have the option as well

Overall it's a solid port, a notch under the PC version due to some HUD issues and the fact the frame rate isn't 60fps solid, although it doesn't suffer with micro stuttering like the PC version does which honestly may be more offensive. The lack of seasons also hurts the replay value IMO. It'll hold me over until my back recovers, but I'll likely move back to the PC version once I'm able, I don't regret my purchase at all though and if it's your only option you will enjoy it I'm sure.

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