How do you get Wand of Woh?

i just tried the cube method on the consle and i got a reg wow in 5 tries.this is my first one ever
The Ancient Woh is pretty much the only item that eludes me. Alone in the dark...I hear it laughing. Or maybe that was just the stack of a million Slorak's Madness wands.
WoW has the lowest drop rate of all wands so this is one of the few items where upgrading rare from Kanai's cube is beneficial. Once you get a non ancient one I recommend reforging at Kanai's cube until you get ancient roll. I did that for 2 days and got 3 ancient WoW and two of them were usable.

Otherwise you just need dumb luck while farming. One method I do not recommend is gambling for 1H at Kadala. It's totally inefficient because Wizard uses other 1H weapons such as swords, daggers so chances of getting wand from Kadala isn't good not to mention WoW and on top of that getting ancient version is very very small..
Same here. Farming mats for almost 2 weeks now, Upgrade in cube but no Wand of Woh. Ive seen all the other ones.
Ive been putting in thousands of mats in it.
It just RNG
upgrade rare, then use the cube to reroll for ancient.
the answer is: CUBE
My suspisions is that a hard to find item is a default percentage on another character. Upgrade a dozen or so rares but use a different class (if you have one), my Barbarian couldn't stop making them after weeks of trying with my wizard. Also do it at the start of a new game
I sadly lost the quote and Jatech said it best... but Ill try


There is absolutely no way to influence RNG. Upgrade rare wands is your best bet. Then use bounty mats to forge an ancient.
Yup, just upgrade rares until you get one. Then Reforge in cube to get ancient. That last step is a pain with all the bounty mats.
never gotten one yet and i play almost everyday even at para 750 never a woh.
I feel compelled to post again, as I upgraded 30 rare wands last night in the cube and didn't see ONE Wand of Woh, let alone a freaking ancient one. I got ancient Unstable Scepters, Chantodo's, Serpent, Blackhand Key, Spark, and pretty much everything else. I've probably upgraeded 60 wands in the past few days, and nothing. It must be just naturally rare. And quite frustrating. I've spend thousands of blood shards as well, but I can't imagine that ever working out since you can't narrow it down to only wands.


Edit: One thing I changed last night is I crafted two pieces of the Sage's set (with cubed Ring of Royal Grand) so I get the bonus +1 Death Breath bonus. That little bonus has made all the difference, and even though I lost the Firebird bonus, my dps didn't drop off, and I still obliterate T10 with my Tal Rasha set and cubed Etched Sigil. If you need Death Breaths, this is the only way to farm them (plus Nemesis Bracers either on you, or equipped).
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I feel compelled to post again, as I upgraded 30 rare wands last night in the cube and didn't see ONE Wand of Woh, let alone a freaking ancient one.
Farm mats for a few days and don't start making rare wands until you have a couple full stacks of mats. Making 30 and expecting a Woh is a recipe for disappointment. If you like you can add me and I'll help you, I soul every non ancient Woh I get -- also got a bunch of puzzle rings to burn through as well to help with the hunt.
*conspiracy on*
Until I got my first WoW from a stranger on public gaming, I NEVER found one. After that, i got my first ancient one..
With 2.4 I upgraded 10 wands and got another ancient one with +explosive blast.

2 Ancient One latter, I have now 3:

And already forged many others.. It is and was the same with furnace.. Never dropped, until i got one and then I got enough.
*conspiracy off*

And I would rather upgrad yellow wands and hoping to get an ancient one, instead of upgrading a normal one (because that is just expensive).
Tried to gear a LoN Crus that way, after ~1000 souls + Bounty mats, I gave up and run ET Wiz instead of Crus for high solo gr..
Yep, I feel like the Furnace is in the same realm as Woh. Like I mentioned, I've found basically every weapon in ancient form and seen just about everything, but in ALL my hours of playing, I have found only one Furnace, and managed to cube another. That's pretty insane considering how long I have played. I think it's just more rare than most things...although I have no factual data to support this. I know that "RNG is RNG!" and all that, but the Furnace is a tricky devil. The saving grace about the Furnace is that many people desire it solely for it's cubed properties, and don't need an ancient variety. That makes it MUCH easier to get, as you just wrangle up all of the 2-handed maces you can find and then upgrade them in the cube.

I will take the previous poster's advice and just farm for a while, and then have a giant "Wand of Woh Craft Session", LOL.

Another couple of items I can't get for my Monk are the Istvan's Paired Blades. I've found them, but never in ancient form, and they are RARE. However, I have never tried to make them in the cube, so I can't speak to that strategy.
I actually FOUND a Wand of Woh last night. My heart didn't beat as I identified would come out to be an ancient....

BWAHAHAHAHA. Nope, nope, nope. Not only was it not ancient, it was 1945 dps, and had a litany of other atrocious stats. Maybe I shouldn't complain. I have 3 or 4 Wohs, and I have a decent non-ancient one that is 2500 dps. I'm thinking that will just have to be good enough. I've actually blown through all my mats, and believe it or not, I'm having trouble getting enough yellow items. My stash is full, and I'm carrying like 27 items (many rare wands so I can upgrade them. Can't put them in stash because no room. *groan*)

The farming process is tedious, but also fun. Blowing up stuff is fun, and I got an achievement last night that was some sort of speed goal. Not sure how fast it was, but it couldn't have been more than just a couple minutes.

Ancient Woh...I hate you.
I just spent 400 paragon levels with a wizard spending all crafting mats on looking for a WoW. I am quitting and playing overwatch
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I found 3 in 3 days. How does that make you feel?


Your keys got stuck there.
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I just spent 400 paragon levels with a wizard spending all crafting mats on looking for a WoW. I am quitting and playing overwatch

400 paragon levels. So 20 minutes of playtime? If that's all it takes for you to give up, you'll have a rough time with Overwatch unless you get carried of course. Yeah you'll get carried.
I got my first one in less than 20 upgrades, and the second in more than 200... Just RNG, keep crafting.
I got my only WoW from upgrading wands in the cube. The funny thing is, I actually wanted a different wand. Never got one after that. It´s extremely rare.

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