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what is with all the constant disconnecting from while playing diablo 3??? this game has been out for years, yet everyone I talk to has the same disconnect issues. is blizzard not able to maintain a stable game?

keep bumping to top until blizzard decides to do something about their connection issues
can t connect to the game getting constant disconnects need to fix it asap
really disliking the constant disconnects while playing, it keeps saying code 30007 or 30001
it really gets annoying when you have to restart an area search all over for some quest
keep getting disconnected after a few minutes into game.
yep, its getting bad when you cannot even complete a greater rift because you get dc'd
bump until resolved
I am finding that once i get in the game i get kicked to the desktop and still have the cursor from the game showing! I go to the Start control panel to find that the game isn't responding! I am also finding that the battle net launcher is taking along time to load and isn't connecting as well! This has been happening for a few days now and hope that someone finds a fix to this!
ya for a game this far into its lifetime these bugs should not be as prevelant
Thought it was just me - good to know you all are dwelling as well lol.
I have been getting the same thing for about a week.. Its quite annoying and Ive lost soo much progress disconnecting mid-rifts or doing bounties. Really stinks that when you log back in all progress on a bounty is lost..
I got kicked and now I can't get into a game at all. Timeout, code 3006, every time. This is the first time this type of thing has happened to me. I now understand the frustration of everyone here. Fix it Blizzard!
I'm getting stuck on "Connected to server" after getting kicked out of my game, and it's taking forever to complete the server authentication, and finally got the server 3006 error as well
I dont believe the connection issues have anything to do with the game itself.. It has to due with the Battle.Net app and service. You can see everytime if your getting error 3007 that the App is also disconnecting.
It won't even let me log back in presently. Always getting error 3007!
same. for several weeks now. usually just after coming into a pub game or somewhere in the grift. just booted me right before killing RG. pretty much can't play or rely on group play, which is really depressing for a game thats supposed to be group.
Get code 3005, and code 3007 every time I log on. Sometimes I can move around for a few seconds and then I get disconnected again. We should be able to play, after all, that is what we paid for.
Game connection has been lost. While on a greater rift boss. Words cannot express how much passionate hatred I have for you Blizzard.

But I suppose that is how you take care of a game that isn't generating any revenue for you. You ignore it.
doesn't matter if its the coding for the game or the app, its all run by blizzard, this is just completely unsatisfactory this far into the game life.
Just purchased and all I do is adventure for a couple minutes and then dc'd. Have to start again. This is nuts.
Just lost an hc char to dc on their end haha

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