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I contacted support, but the steps I took with their advice have had no lasting effect. I am sick of these time out errors. My main gaming pc has this problem, but my secondary one does not. I have exhausted all known troubleshooting.
Getting constant and I mean constant disconnects throughout the past week. Like every hour. This has been going on for about a week roughly since last maintenance and when the betas for other Blizzard games have come out recently.

Time outs, lost connections, game terminated, game disconnected you name it. Every error message ever invented. Game seems to run fine when I'm not randomly disconnecting. No lag or performance issues - a few random spikes here and there but I always have those.

My internet doesn't drop out during any of them and even the game doesn't log me out most times. Just instantly boots me out to main menu whenever it wants to it seems.

Lost countless, bounties, grifts, and other random stuff because of it. Borderline unplayable and very annoying. Made exponentially worse by the fact I'm playing hardcore and am by some miracle not dead yet.

edit: the problem has become unbearable past two days. Getting kicked out of games every 5-10 minutes now and usually logged out of the game and the bnet desktop client. Probably has something to do with overwatch's release... game is unplayable now. I can't do anything without constantly being kicked out and having all my progress reset.

Game seems to run perfectly for the 10 minutes or so that it allows me. Then just randomly disconnects.
Same here. All the above. Kids playing other games and they are not getting any DC's on XBOX or other computer games. More than likely they have no one working on D3 because of all the other launches going on. D3 not fun for Blizzard anymore since we have all paid and they need the revenue from the new games.

Blizzard, please reply to this thread - rarely make it through a GR before I get bumped out with error code 3007. Been play this game since beta and never used to get this issue until about 3-4 months ago, now it's a daily occurance. PLEASE FIX!
Same for me. Constant disconnects, error code (3007). /bump. So many lost high progression attempts for my team. Please fix!
i get the dcs too just not constantly, but now with overwatches release i enter a game and my latency is stuck fluctuating between 1300-4500, which is completely unplayable, since u cant atk but the enemies can (for whatever reason), maybe bliz needs to get its act together and add an offline feature like d2 so we can atleast play by ourselves, ps and xbox have offline so why not pc? makes no sense not to be able to play local games, but blizzards quality has gone to hell in the last 2 years.

*rage bashes blizzard staff*
I know I posted on this in past seasons, I have been having constant problems with the 3007 error for months. It definitely appears to be something caused by ISP's or on Blizzards end. Would be nice to get this fixed, I just lost 2 empowered grifts in a row which is what brought me to see if a solution had been found yet.
Can't complete more than a couple bounties without being disconnected.

Only thing that I found that works a little better is moving over next to my router and playing via ethernet.
Could play in 4 man groups all throughout season 5 in rifts and GR.
Season 6 starts, lag to hell, latency thru the roof, can't stay in a 4 player rift for more than 5 minutes before getting disconnected back to the main menu.
Solo play doesn't help much either, constant disconnects every day.

Whatever they did, it has impacted game quality of season 6 for me drastically for the very worst.
Was checking overwatch forums....they have a large issue with this there as well....
i am new player on D3 and what to see : 3007 error constantlyDC mb every 40 min i believe they will fix it soon ;//
Just wanted to add that I've been getting constant disconnects as well. At least two days. Can't play at all. Just constant lagging and disconnecting.
Here we go again....disconnected twice in succession. Good thing I'm not subscribed to Diablo like my husband is to WoW. I'd really be pi$$ed then.

It's NOT our computers.

It's NOT our ISP's.

It's Blizzard...this has been going on for years. (I've played since the very first original Diablo game in '96.)

Blizzard: you will reach critical mass with frustrated customers who will pass the word on to friends not to waste money on a game you can't play.
I am getting the 3007 disconnect error as well and have been for a while but it seems like after a few disconnects all is ok so it was something i was living with. Today 2 hours i get in for 3 minutes and than booted out. This is really poor Blizzard can you finally get this fixed it is not us it is you.
in the past five days, my connection to bnet has timed out 27 times and 13 times for my wife. All of them while we were doing bounties or rifts/grifts.

Please, Blizz, care enough to understand that you have an OBLIGATION to upkeep this game and keep it running smoothly for EVERYONE that has bought it. Why? BECAUSE YOU MADE IT SO THAT NO ONE CAN PLAY IT WITHOUT YOU.

If, or When (as it seems) you decide to stop supporting this game; I fully expect a FULL REFUND of the purchase price of this game, because I will no longer be able to play it once you stop supporting it.
I'll add to this. I had no problems in season 4, or season 5, until the last 2 weeks of season 5. Now, deep in season 6, there are some days when I can't play 30 minutes on solo seasonal without a d/c, often while in a dungeon/bounty run, which wipes out the counts.

Same for GRifts and NRifts... 1/2 way through I get nuked for no apparent reason. It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens too much.

I've worked in computers for over 30 years... it's not my connection (wife in next room on second life has no issue)... it's not my computer, or system heat, or bats flying overhead. It is either quenching by Comcast (but then why would it reconnect so quickly) or something on the Blizzard side.

I'm also saddened by the fact that I'm seeing a month+ of posts (again) and no blue replies. Blizzard, you are better than this! If you need help, triangulation, time or log specifics, let us know and we'll help, but we need to know you hear us and want to fix it.
If you are having connectivity problems, always the best thing to do is start a brand-new thread with the results of the three standard network diagnostic tests:

Even if the problem is on blizzard's end sometimes the only way to detect that is by running tests on your end
the tech guys here are just copy pasting the regular stuff.. check your connection blah blah to your isp.. its their fault blah blah gimme a trace ping ....
every time i start this game i have to wonder if ill get a smooth experience ..a lag free experience is something im wishing for..

if a thread lights up with people having problems then there is something to it.
Look man, I can't do anything without seeing your information. Even if it IS blizzard's fault - how will I, a non-blizz employee who can't look at your equipment, tell that it's on blizzard's end if I can't see information from your side? Blizzard can't be asked to run diagnostics on everyone who is connecting to them (the technical term for such an action would be a denial of service attack).

I am happy to help you if you're willing to post diagnostics.
I cant play every time I go into a rift , or gr it dcs me everytime cant even play a game I paid to play.whats up with that?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Its very very frustrating

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