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When season 5 ends will the season 5 chars be playable right away in non-season or do you have to wait until season 6 starts for season 5 chars to be transferred to non-season? I've played a few seasons on and off but never actually finished one and wanted to continue playing that character after season ends.
They become non-season as soon as season ends. If you are playing a seasonal character when the season ends, you are kicked out of the game. You can then start a new game and have fun reclaiming your seasonal items from the mail.
Thank you.
Say new season brings updated effect for set item bonuses, what will happen to the current set items? Will they remain as is and we'll need to farm for the new set? Or will the current set bonus be updated once the new season starts?

This is regarding non-seasonal characters.
Mentos, the general rule is that set bonuses (green items) are retroactive, so the new bonus(es) is applied to the sets and you don't need to refarm.

Gold (basic legendaries) - the effect is not retroactive ie: you will need to refarm the item to get the new effect.

Some changes to basic legendaries (gold items) may be retroactive. Usually this is if they are a nerf to the item as was the case with the Furnace a while back.
Thank you buddy!

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