Does anyone play non-season? Why?

I've played seasons 4 and 5 specifically to complete the seasonal journey. I accumulate a fair amount of gear and crafting materials.

When the season ends, I desperately run around trying to make space for all of the stuff that now appears in my email, deciding what to keep and discard. I also upgrade my paragon levels. Note that I've already consumed the extra stash tab in NS, as that appears as soon as you complete the requirements.

At the beginning of season 6, then, I'll have nothing on my seasonal char, and an overabundance of gear and mats and paragon levels on my non-seasonal account.

Any play on my NS characters won't help my seasonal journey. So all of the resources just sit there unused.

I'm not complaining here. I'm just observing my behavior, and I'm also curious what others do.

Maybe, if you complete your season journey, you could merge your NS materials into your season? Now, THAT would definitely give me something to look forward to.
Never played season to completion. Hate starting over and feeling like Im wasting time. I play to have fun in my relatively limited free time and being highly inefficient for days/weeks isnt fun to me.

That said, my clan has a pretty strong seasonal group, and instead of trying new classes, Im going to run a wiz this season.
I don't play seasons (however I don't play much anymore), but I would play seasons til I get my stash tab then go over to NS.
Since I will only play seasons, I just let delete the NS gear.
Ignore the mail box.

If you play only seasons then NS is irrelevant
I'm basically in the same boat as you. I also like to play seasons more than non-season as I really like the season journey that gives me small little goals to achieve and an overarching goal with reaching Guardian. I will also try to get to the seasonal leaderboards and push for it.
Same as you, I will have an inventory full of stuff and materials, when the season ends, that I have no real use for.

But I do not let it completely go to waste and I do start my season -> non-season transition a bit earlier than the actual season ending, usually when I reached a GR level that I could only hope to improve with extensive fishing (if it was sufficient for a LB spot). This season that point came a couple of days ago and I shifted my focus to non-season.

What I do now, are a few things:
1. looking up the PTR feedback, figuring out the next season's builds and try them out (as good as possible) to see whether I will like their playstyle or not. Also I prepare myself for things like the conquests.
2. Play a bit with the other classes and collect the new class specific items with them for the cube (in a Pokemon "must catch them all" way)
3. Maybe try to push a bit with a fresh class (but by far not as extensive as on seasons)

When the season rolls finally over, I will spend a couple of gaming sessions for inventory management and use up about half of my mats for my non-season char's (e.g. to get the items I'm still missing in the cube). The rest will be stored for the next transition period. And then it's just waiting for the patch day :-)
I only play sasons mostly but i don't know when i couldn't play a new season because real life so i have all my ns toons ready to play.
i play seasons because it have more stash space for a single char
I don't, and never will play seasons. Soon as that's forced I am out.

Don't enjoy this game mode and have zero interest in even trying it.

Don't enjoy starting from scratch again. I have at least one character from each class.
I feel like there is nothing new or interesting in starting yet another one.

Don't enjoy redoing same grinds just to get to where I am now. NS grind may come at
tiny steps for upgrades, but it's still forward ... not back to zero. Relevelling gems, re-acquiring all mats... ugh.. no thanks :(

It's the same game, honestly I don't see the appeal, but to each their own, eh? :)
I play seasons to full myself into some semblance of excitement when an item I'm looking for drops, however as soon as I complete the journey I'm out and not back to non season, no, I'm mean I'm out till something new is added. There is literally nothing to do in non season besides grind more paragon to push some more greater rifts... Seasons turn into that after the journey is complete so then there's no point.

Hope they're making an expansion or diablo 4. I don't see how they can sustain this game other wise.
Why should I ever play Seasons? To feel weaker? To get "artifical happiness" because you have to regear??

The problem with the majority is: YOU DONT LIKE GRINDING AT ALL!! And Diablo is about grinding!!

This is also the case, why you stop playing after the journey is completed and also the case about all that whining.. I liked D3 when it came out. With INFERNO!! It was supposed to BE HARD! It was advertised as hard..
And with 1.0.3/1.0.4 I was able to beat Diablo on Inferno (with Monk and Wiz) and that FEELING!!!
Yeah, the AH and the logic of the drops were not really great (you get stuff to beat Act3 in Act3 and later?!), but the game was challenging!!!

And thanks to the majority of whiny brats, we have a game, were even after "resetting" (Seasons) many/majority stop playing it after some weeks, because it is sooooo easy. If all that people would have just gone back to WoW..
^except now you're grinding xp not items. Huge turn off for some people. You liked d3 cuz inferno was hard? That's it? The reason the game is the way it is due to flawed itemization design. You grinded for Rares back then and when that "rare" legendary dropped, it was garbage.

And how's playing seasons anything but grinding. Seasons allow you to grind again except instead of paragon you grind for items.... Even though it takes about 10 hours to gear up.

Many people don't want to grind paragon that's why they stop playing.

You supposedly felt great after you beat diablo on inferno.... When I beat him all I got were some crappy Rares I couldn't even put on AH..

Diablo is about grinding for loot. What we have now is the only possible solution to sustain this game based on original design choices. Any other solution would require insane overhauls to loot and skill design.

Loot is good but too easy to aquire.
04/07/2016 07:41 AMPosted by Andrey
Seasons allow you to grind again except instead of paragon you grind for items....

yea, and some items took me literally years to get.
there are still some items i dont have to my satisfaction (ancient versions, good rolls etc)
i dont see how resetting that hunt is any fun?

04/07/2016 07:41 AMPosted by Andrey
Loot is good but too easy to aquire.

which completely confuses me when people are all about fresh start, and regear completely in a day or two... really? now what? grind paragons just like in NS? yea

on top of that, vast majority of those people get power levelled to 70 in 10 mins, so where is that fresh start feeling? i simply dont understand :)

i've accepted that it's just not a game mode for me, and that i'll never see more stash space ( absurd to me that this is spoon fed to us over a year per season/tab... in a game mode i detest. )

That's exactly what people do. You get 10 hours of some kind of loot hunt. After that is same as non season and that's why many stop playing. As I said I do it only to complete the journey after that there's nothing for me to do beside grind xp...which is what non season is. I have all the possible items I'd ever need so my end game is relegated to fishing gr which I don't enjoy so I stop playing till next season where I'll have something to do.

In my opinion what they did with the dragon wings was really nice.... Master every set. It made you play with every class.... Grind all the sets.... Find all the supporting legs... It made me explore every high end build the classes have. Too bad for me besides UE DH and fire bells lon monk everything else was boring....besides wiz, obviously.
I play seasons to receive the seasonal reward, the most recent season is the only season I have played a significant amount. I really dislike seasonal play, the artificial starting over to re-find basic gear is a mechanic that doesn't appeal to me, but I was forced to do it if I wanted more stash space. I hope the seasonal requirement is removed in the future, but until then I will probably grudgingly participate for my little rewards.

I also did not bother with the set dungeons, because I don't enjoy all the classes and I think the idea of paring down your character is antithetical to the point of the game. However, since all the class dungeons reward you with is a pair of cosmetic items I am not up in arms about the annoyance of obtaining them. As someone who does not play this game 24/7, starting a new character from scratch felt more like a chore than a breath of fresh air for the game, and I am dreading having to level yet another character for season the next 4 seasons...
I haven't played in awhile, but I mostly played NS because it was the only way for me to compete. I have reasonable gear on my wizard. Gear that I would not be able to collect in season because of the time constraints.

I mostly play season for the rewards. On that note, is there anyone from Europe who could boost me a bit? I don't have any friends left in this game. I only just started playing again and I don't have a lot of time to get the rewards.
I don't play season at all. I just play whenever I can to keep optimizing gear. Farming mats and using the cube to try to roll a gg wand of woh. I have 6 ancients but none of them I'd call gg and so I keep farming...
starting from scratch aint that bad at all. It's not like before where it'll take a while to get geared up. Today it's easier to complete all sets within the few days, sure the grinding at the beginning would be a bit boring but after that -- it's a whole new fresh start and enjoyable thinking you could be getting new gg gear at your journey.
Would anyone even play seasons without the stash tabs?
04/08/2016 10:18 AMPosted by wage
Would anyone even play seasons without the stash tabs?

People would still do it. The "dedicated players" (possibly bots). I realized I'm never going to push high GR again because my paragon is so low and i have so little time to play. A season reset does mean for a least 2ish weeks the leaderboard is free for the taking. After that bots and people with an excessive amount of free time control the leaderboard.
04/08/2016 10:18 AMPosted by wage
Would anyone even play seasons without the stash tabs?

Sure, I have. I like completing the season journey. I pushed hard to finish the S4 journey, which didn't have the stash tab reward. (And that reward isn't all that interesting if you don't play NS, or play only 1 seasonal class!)

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