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So I didn't think lvling another class would be that fun. I thought getting paragon levels with my monk would be more fun. But I decide to change it up, start a barbarian, and holy crap was it fun. I can use gems from my first character, and legendary gems! When I was in the 50's lvl wise I was playing Torment 1.

My first question, is with this new update, is there going to be a season change? And if not, when it does happen, will I lose season five characters when it goes to season six? It sucks that I got into this when I feel it is so late into the season.

My barbarian is kinda stronger than my monk, simply because I am trying to get a set called Inaa's Mantra and the weapon is only 600 damage. I already have two handed weapons with the barbarian that is over 2k without gems.

Is inaa's mantra worth it? I like it for being able to have all the mantras active.

Finally, and I will be done after this, do you guys get bothered going into a public game and someone with like 600 paragon goes into your party and just insta clears the rift? I gain like crazy lvl's doing that but honestly I don't feel like I earned those levels. So I play private games, but I feel my character would benefit with a party, but I want to feel like I earned it, not just run through it. I tried reaching out to communities and clans, none accepted me.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.
EDIT: Checked my profile, inna's mantra does more damage.
New season in a few weeks. If recommend messing around and getting familiar with stuff before it starts. All the sets regardless of class are super powerful you just need to know how to optimize them. Yes everyone with a few hundred paragon more then you will completely one-shot everything in a regular rift. If you dig monk watch quin69's vids on YouTube.
Your first order of business should be farming bounties. That will help you the most.

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