best way to get Ancient Set Pieces?

Just Farm T10 or is there another better way?
Cube rare items to legs. That way you can focus on what weapon/armor type you want
FYI, you can upgrade crafted yellow weapons/armor from the smith. This is how I got a Furnace.
The better way is using Reforge leg on cube.
Do 5x TX bounty and then do 10x reforge, u have very high chance to get an ancient with that way :D

You still need 500 forgotten soul horax, those are much much harder to farm even if you breaking up legendary left and right.
WHats the best way to find Ancient Set pieces? Been farming TX with no luck should I stick at it?
please check out my Wiz....I can currently do GR65 solo and want to take it to the next level, At least 76GR range. I know I need some Ancients and some AUgment INT.
WallyKilla quick question, you using a farming build right for your farming? Also make a death breath farming build too, kill 2 bird with one stone. Farm bloodshard while getting death breath. Roll for ancient stuff that you need save the rare and use death breath to upgrade it. Finally salvage any legendary you dont want reroll your spare pieces of stuff into ancient. Repeat until finish.

I dont know what to tell you that the basically the only way to get ancient. It takes time and effort that all.
When it comes to set armor pieces I think the best way is just straight up T10 or mid tier Greater Rift speed farming combined with Kadala. It's not worth it to go crazy with Kanai bs for set pieces. But when it comes to extra rare items like Wand of Woh or Furnace it's much better to use the upgrade rare option at Kanai combined with reforge legendary if you have enough bounty materials.

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