Clicker/Bloater (TLoU) mobs frame rate issue

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I grabbed the PS4 version yesterday after playing the PC version since beta and the PS4 version runs pretty well most of the time but these mobs noticeably tank the frame rate, every time I get a Rift with them it's less enjoyable. I assume it's caused by the Bloater's cloud, the funny thing is the same mobs actually caused frame rate drops in The Last of Us Remastered as well. I'm hoping Blizzard will give these specific mobs a bit of love and get them running a little smoother.
I see these in rifts all the time. No framerate issues at all.
03/29/2016 04:25 PMPosted by Arctor
I see these in rifts all the time. No framerate issues at all.

Then you simply don't notice frame rate fluctuations because the game is much choppier whenever those mobs are involved, it's night and day. I'm not knocking you though, I wish I was oblivious to such issues but I'm not and there's no reason why these mobs can't be fixed for those of us who are sensitive to performance problems.
You will see some frame drop if you are speeding trough rift and step up on them.While they are exploding you are already killing more and more and end up with many doing the explosion while you dash strike all over the place for example.That's the only way I get little bit of frame drop.

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