D3 RoS Alternate epic ending? (My own)

Lore and Story
So while playing D3 just now brought me some nostalgia while in the pandemonium fortress thinking back to my D2 days and something occurred to me that blizzard could of capitalized on to redeem the deplorable lore that is in D3 and also add concrete evidence to Blizzards statement of Diablo being a mastermind of plotting, and the so called events that have unfolded, as well as how i'd wrap up the story for the diablo game out of the Diablo-verse we know so I'll get right into it and want to see what other people think!

So in Diablo 2 upon going for the Big D kill you release the 5 seals and what is the beloved phrase we all remember? "Not even death can save you from me!" remember this phrase as I go into more of this.

So Maltheal is the "Angel of Death", an Angel has now slaughtered many "human like people" in his quest to rid the world of evil he wanted to extinguish us as humankind "So we couldn't be tempted and end the eternal conflict" so the angels cannot be trusted, Demons of course are demons and cannot be trusted. "DEATH" remember this.

You ultimately go through the plot that is RoS and confront Maltheal now what if instead of the events that actually happened, went this way instead? When Maltheal realizes he's getting his *** kicked and slashes the stone to consume it, what if it does a flashback cinematic to the old heroes in D2 in the pen and ink style, banded in a party, that phrase mentioned above being played, and ultimately the slaying of Diablo. Camera rushes to a true blizz cinematic of Maltheal at this point consuming the stone in another way, perhaps in-bedding it within himself in Ex. D1 (The Dark Wanderer) directly into the angelic chest plate?, and Diablo now comes back as a being not thought of. All seven Evils with Diablo as the lead prime, in an Angelic beings body, Key factor for a new and (true) tathemet? Snickering Diablo at this point dialogue-wise breaks the 4th wall ( For the ones that don't know. The 4th wall is when a character makes dialogue straight to the player or the reader not at the character in said game/book) and directly to us as players who have been fans taunts us?

Of course being that it is a Diablo game we slay him, but that was ultimately his plot again all along corrupt everything in defeat such as baal's agenda with the worldstone. So now
Diab-maltheal defeated Maltheal goes to respawn in the Crystal arch, and same goes for the seven, the seven now totally free and released such as they were in Diablo 2, and in doing so corrupts the High heavens, Fate lies shattered forever as the events that are now unfolding are directly happening because of us unforeseen even by the scroll of fate. In the way now there's corruption in the most sacred place and forces an all out war to extinguish both the burning Hells and the High heavens from Sanctuary for good, or at least banish them/Hide sanctuary permanently such as how Inarius when he discovered it without the two entities knowing. Think now back to the trailer for D3 when it was at its peak hype-point with the pen and ink style cinematic of the angels just pouring from the heavens waging war against millions of demons, Diablo breaking through from the ground, Tyreal, Inarius battling for the greater good, but now with us in the mix as enemies.

Also if in our quest to extinguish the burning hell's we actually as nephalem invade hell, and release Inarius from his eternity of torture in Mephistopheles's play pin of mirrors in his gratitude shows us how to do this feat and banish/hide from both the high heavens and the burning hells permanently. The key to this feat? The man-made black soul-stone empty at this point, we must slay all seven, and also slay the Archangels to keep a Neutral balance between the stone so that pure corruption isn't solely in there. So that the stone nor entities cannot corrupt or waiver a single being on Sanctuary.
Ultimately the last fight will be Imperious, unable to kill him by our-self. He's now tainted with corruption and bloodlust for humanity. With Tyreals assistance we defeat him. Tyreal now being the archangel/mortal of wisdom gives humanity his last gift.... His life and in doing so ultimately banishes both the high heavens and burning hells from our world.

Tyreal now narrating the ending cinematic, the camera pans out a golden statue of the Tyreal we knew and loved from D2 holding the black soul-stone guarded by the New found order of Horadrim and inside the stone you see flashes of red and white as the Eternal Conflict rages on...

Also in doing so opens up another Diablo-verse game other than on Sanctuary.

With the two major entities forced to leave sanctuary they are now back in the eternal conflict
un-tilted by humanity or so they thought, what created nephalem? Demons and Angels while in each others presence created us, so it opens up higher powered nephalem for the new game on the new "battlefield of eternity" inside the stone.

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