EU season ended but era did not (?)

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04/15/2016 04:07 PMPosted by NextDhavos
Also if era is closing on 28 it probably means that will end with 2.4.1 already live so it is twice total no logic from Blizzard. People will use new sets and withing 3 days achive what others work for 3 months. You scrawed this again as usuall. Eras has to end with seasons.

Damn blizz, if you want players to stop playing your game, just say it.

Not banning botters on NS leaderboards, season players having a chance to participate on it and new patch will be there too ! What the point of the NS leaderboards then ?

In my opinion this was a huge fail, gg blizz
Oh look...Blizzard has created another Seasonal vs. NS drama to add to the history books of D3.
Honestly why does blizzard even have non season mode? they clearly want everybody to play seasons. Lets see, they don't ban any cheaters on non season, they close NS leader board later, makes extra stash only available on seasons.

I already went down 2 spots on NS leader boards because of this. Was ranked 20 solo dh NS, now 22.
From my point of view this is the most disrespectful thing made by Blizzard since morticks.

No respect for NS players. I guess they even don't know how many time we spend to gear up a decent char, gear up gems and grind paragon to get a good spot on Lbs.

And don't forget about 2, 3 and 4 man. I feel bad about Reign/SM/Armour/Omega/Return of the king or any NS center clan who always compete at high lvl on LBs.
What a surprise. Blizzard has shown, once again, they do not care about the players in this community. At some point they are just going to have to come out an say they don't. I have questioned some of the development decisions in this game. Agreed with some, disagreed with some but in the end, always just learned from challenge and change. This though, this is just poor and ignorant planning. Now they are making the non-season boards a joke. They are seriously doing their best to force players into seasons. Now, we are going to have to sit here here in silence since the blue has posted already. They have done their "good deed" for the month. Won't hear anything else until the next season starts where again the blog with have incorrect information just like every other season blog before it. It's like they don't actually work in the same place.
So wait, I just re-read the plate full of BS they fed us... resetting the boards on the 28th... 2 days after 2.4.1 goes live.

So basically, any/all NS records set over the last 3 months will be destroyed and era 5 will boil down to a mad dash between the time the patch goes live on the 26th and the reset on the 28th.

Era 5 is essentially 2 days long and consists of both seasonal and non-seasonal players who are able to play during those 2 days.

What a joke.
I can't believe this move. I decided to play Seasons for the first week (Acquire the stash space and all the other cosmetics) then concentrate on the Non-Seasons Leaderboard.

So 3 months of thinking I was competing against other Non-Seasons players and basing my gaming time around that goal.. not to mention the final week/s of pushing the leaderboards (always the most un-fun time of the Era because the very end-game is all about fishing for that perfect rift).. and for what?.. All my placings on the Non-Seasons Leaderboard are in danger of being swamped by Season players who had no interest to begin with entering the Non-Seasons Leaderboard!

Then to top it off, there is the potential the new patch is going live before the Era ends?!

I'm lost for words.

Please Blizzard, you might not be able to fix this mess right this second, but there is no reason you couldn't fix this.. All leaderboard placings have a time stamp on them.. Any placings made after the season ended could be moved to the next Era once the new Era starts.

If this isn't fixed, why have a Non-Seasons Era Leaderboard to begin with!?.. Especially if they are not going to be treated with any respect, why have them!?
The short version is that the end of Era 5 is working differently for this Season. The error in the blog was my bad, and has been corrected. Apologies for missing the update on that information.

Blizzard you need to think of it this way from the non seasonal player perspective: I put in a lot of effort in non season to get the leaderboard. I am not ranked very high but I managed to get on solo monk and 4 player leaderboards. So now I am going to essentially lose my ranks? I am sure I will lose it in 2 weeks with all the new players competing. That is a terrible design. Thanks for rewarding me the first era I managed to actually stay on the leaderboard.
Nevalistis, could you please ask the folks in charge of this decision why the era wasn't shut down? It seems a fair question to ask that since non-seasonal players are essentially being screwed by this until today unannounced change in how things are done.

We know we can't change what's been done, but I think the players at least deserve a valid explanation as to why it happened in the first place.
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Blizzard went full potato
Wow, I cant lie, if its true about the era ending after 2.4.1 introducing new set bonuses, then thats pretty cold blooded.

I mean, its bad enough to have seasonal players come in and take era leaderboard spots, but to undermine them with the 2.4.1 buffs is just crazy.

Yeowch. I have no idea what they are thinking with this one.

Glad I dont play non season or I would be fuming.
04/15/2016 03:34 PMPosted by Nevalistis
was my bad

No your just the messenger. I feel sorry for you having to let people know of such stupid decisions made above your head only for them to slip into the background after sending you the "let them know about this email".

04/15/2016 10:22 AMPosted by Nubtro
Is there a reason why this era did not end alongside season 5?

The short version is that the end of Era 5 is working differently for this Season. The error [url=""]in the blog[/url] was my bad, and has been corrected. Apologies for missing the update on that information.

The blog now reads:

The non-Seasonal Greater Rift Leaderboards will also be wiped sometime after the end of the Season. However, you'll immediately be able to compete in the currently active Era with your non-Seasonal heroes (including those who have just rolled over), and will not have to wait for the start of the next Season.

I've just [url=""]posted the details[/url] regarding the end of Era 5 as well. Be sure to check those out if you haven't looked over them already.

This is complete idiocy. Seriously, what the Hades are the folks at Blizz thinking? Personally, I have absolutely ZERO interest in Seasons and will never waste my time on them. But this move is beyond the pale stupid. Between the decimation of the D3 developer team and nonsense like this, I think it can safely be said that D3 is practically in its death throes.

It truly pains me to say it as every single hour I've played is 100% legit but it looks like I'm going to be expanding my horizons with other games that I've wanted to play but haven't because D3 still held my interest. Not to mention that the botters still dominating the NS leaderboards is completely inexcusable. The higher-ups at Blizz better grab a clue and pull their heads out of their posteriors or this game is going to die very, very quickly and that is truly a shame.
Just for the record, on a positive note, the NS leaderboard have been partially purged. Last night before the Era was supposed to have ended my Crusader was in the high 50's, woke up this morning to find it in the low 30's.. So at least 20 of the top 50 in the NS Crusader leaderboard have been banned.

On the negative side, as predicted, Season players are swamping the NS leaderboard already... Not that it matters much if the new patch goes live before the Era ends.. there will be a mad rush after it goes live to post a time... But.. ..does the NS Era leaderboard even matter in the slightest anymore?.. What a mess.
Guys am I reading this correctly but NS LBs for this Era will remain live even after 2.4.1 hits????

Era 5 will be ending shortly before the start of Season 6 on Thursday, April 28 at 5 p.m. PT. Era 6 will begin immediately afterward, with Season 6 starting 24 hours later on Friday, April 29 at 5 p.m. PT.

So for everyone on the NS LBs.... played 90 days specced for 2.4, and NS LBs will be defined by 2 days of 2.4.1?

Good grief.
Well thanks for the info.

My issue is that I have expected a certain time-frame, which was even confirmed in your blog post (I even double-checked it a few days ago), so I adjusted my daily routine to be able put more time into a final push.

I made #57 with a GR84 clear with LeapQuake @ p1333 (as a 99% solo player the last two patches), which is clearly not the top performing Barb build in 2.4. It felt like an accomplishment because I´ve put quite a lot of time and effort into optimizing the build. The last few few days before the expected deadline were exhausting so I planned to relax and play less before the next patch goes live.

Until I found out everyone gets another 2 weeks, including a large group of players who already had their competition in another mode. But the worst thing is that it seems like the era will end AFTER the new patch goes live and that power creep will totally invalidate the effort players put into patch 2.4 non-season.

04/14/2016 11:08 AMPosted by Nevalistis
Overall, the Diablo community is filled with honest and dedicated players.

Unfortunately, these are the ones that got hurt the most by this miscommunication :/

04/16/2016 12:47 AMPosted by Conquistador
So for everyone on the NS LBs.... played 90 days specced for 2.4, and NS LBs will be defined by 2 days of 2.4.1?

Good grief.

Please do not let the patch go live before the era ends. It´s the least you can do now.
I cannot believe this is happening.

Its an insult to all NS people that the era was not closed simultaneous with the season ending. This i can somehow understand as there is no real gearing difference between season and non season anymore. However this should have been communicated a lot earlier when the season end date was announced. Many top players organized themselves and their schedules around the season end date. For all of those this feels like a total RIPP OFF.

What i CANNOT understand and hope will get changed VERY SOON:
==> ?? patch before era end ?? <==

BLIZZARD please change this ASAP. This is the same mistake that was made in era 1 when a patch right before the end of the era destroyed the entire leaderboard. This made many people very mad and loose all motivation. Please, pass this on to the dev team and reconsider this end date! Show that you care about NS as well ...
Blizzard!!!!! You really really really ruined my game experience with your (i can explain why with thousands of reasons) 100% wrong decision.

I grinded for months to enter the leader board finally after 2 years. my slot was pretty guaranteed in non-seasonal leaderboard (rank 79 - 12:59 or something in wizard leader board - eu) i was rank 942 by the time you finished the seasonal.

Guess what? you did let the seasonal players to participate in non-seasonal leader board?? O.o then whats the point of having 2 ""DIFFERENT"" leader boards?? Lets just merge them together for next season -.-

Its called seasonal AND non-seasonal for a reason!! i dont have time to grind and play like a seasonal player do! thats why i play non-seasonal! and I want this game to be fair!

Right now this game is not "Diablo 3: reaper of souls" but its "Diablo 3: play seasonal or go die"
you are giving seasonal players a HUGE advantage over non-seasonals... forcing us to play season for stash tab and now ruining our leader board with letting them play it...
And WAW!! Oh My Gosh!! Are you really going to let players ruin ns leader board more than this by letting them achieve high score with new buffed sets??

A blue please just answer this question: "Then what is the purpose of having a different era for patch 2.4.1 if people can play it in era 5???"

Ps: Why should a player who *chose* to play seasonal and spent all his/her time for *seasonal* be able to participate in *non-seasonal* as well with 0 time spent on it?? do you think its fair??

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