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Witch Doctor
Still the Char I like the most, besides feeling SadMan in Grifts :-/
Here are some points I made in other post:

1) Ring and Mojo and no shoulder is pretty bad for this set. There is no pet oriented shoulder or bracer. Maybe change Mask of Jeram to be a shoulder? Helltooth users could still benefit from it and Zuni users would have a useful legendary shoulder to use.

2) Damage reduction should be PER PET, not only fetishes. So this would include extra gargs from SMF and extra dogs from passives.

3) Maybe increased damage per pet alive also? So users that want full pet passives would be getting a bit more damage then the 1500 from now.

4) OK, this is a crazy idea, haven't tought a lot about consequences but i will write it anyway lol. Zuni now stacks Zombie Dogs, Gargantuan and Fetish Army all in one skill slot. Scroll up and down with mousewheel to select which summon you want (for rune change). When you press that button, you summon all your AVAILABLE pets to the same location (of course, only summon those that are not on cooldown). And this frees TWO slots for you to use with other spells (HUGE buff).

I just hate it when I found an ancient SMK and I had to give up dogs or BBV or soul harvest because i lacked slots to use.
The problem I see is that we as a class are too reliant on specific bracers and weapon.
I'm not an elite player that has all the item names memorized, and am on a phone, thus am incapable of giving the actual names off the top of my head..
But y'all know what I'm talking about; the soul harvest ones.

They're basically a necessity for every high lvl grift build, and are found on pretty much every remotely competitive build.
More so, short man's finger, tasker and/or jeram, and endless walk are all basically mandatory for HT and Zuni.

I also don't like the idea of using elements, as you're basically hindered at certain points, especially if using gargs as your main dps, and you lose the potential for a set bonus that can provide more survivability and/or a more sustainable dps buff.

I also don't like using emptiness, as it puts Reliance on two mandatory spells (haunt and locusts). This means (in the case of Zuni and HT) spirit walk, gargs, soul harvest, dogs, and piranhas are basically mandatory. In the case of HT WoD is mandatory, while fetish army is mandatory for zuni. Now, a spender is also mandatory for Zuni and simply using piranhas isn't going to cut it, as it only effects targets hit by the ability, so it becomes haunt or bats, and haunt typically provides better range, mana cost, and lingers Ion the target. Using emptiness basically means you lose piranhas which is a general necessity for grouping, thus allowing humongoid rune to do its thing.

Basically, it feels as though all of our sets are locked into a pretty specific build in order to be competitive and little to no variation without a substantial loss in performance.

Why have so many items and spells when we're locked into using the same stuff as everyone else? It all basically becomes unusable trash that would be better suited to be removed, thus reducing the annoyance of RNG....

Having said all that, I would really like to see everything about our sets revamped.
Top to bottom.

To start, gargs get cleave as a native ability and humongoid is repurposed as a survivability rune, allowing for more choices.
Tall and short become a set. Each ring still provides their perk, however, the set bonus provides survivability.
Gargs also become bonused only by Zuni set as it has a pure pet focus.

Helltooth - bonused to skulls, grasp, bats, dogs, sacrifice, zombie charge, wall of death
2 - All of those apply necrosis. Dogs get all runes.
4 - Applying necrosis gives x% reduced damage.
6 - Damage is increased by x% to all enemies effected by necrosis. This effect stacks up to x times.

Zuni - Bonused to pets, frogs, spiders, bats, darts
2 - Fetish army gains all runes and survive until killed.
4 - remains the same. The added fetishes from all runes will increase survivability
6 - Any enemy struck by a fetish takes x% increased damage from all sources I listed above. The bonus to darts is basically so you can use that dart weapon (whatever it's called) to triggers fetishes to shoot darts.

Jade - bonus to all things spirit related.
2 - retains current bonus while gaining haunt gets all runes
4 - Remains the same, but may need to add more native survivability
6 - Remains the same, HOWEVER, also adds that spirit barrage now gains the standard skill effects of haunt and well of souls rune. Haunt becomes single target and small group, while barrage will be intended for large groups.

Arachyr - bonus built around voodoo or what you'd consider "true" which doctor abilities - toads, spiders, locusts, hex, acid
2 - Locust swarm now becomes an aura around the player and does damage to all enemies within aura. Wormwood staff doubles range of aura if chosen.
4 - big bad voodoo gains all runes, reduced CD, and reduces damage taken by x% while inside the circle.
6 - Locust aura will now attach to any enemy that steps within the aura, and will spread to nearby enemies. Will increase damage taken from above listed sources by x%.

Some of these suggestions were thought of off the top of my head at the time of writing this. Obviously certain skills need changes, such as all primary attacks.
Gargs can be quite powerful even without bonuses, so the intent behind them is that they are only a necessity for Zuni which is the pet set, and are added dps for other sets, if chosen over another skill.
Arachyr is a bit of a weird set to think up an idea for, as it pretty much sucks now, making it in need of a complete redesign.
That said, the sets will now have more native mitigation built in, thus making soul harvest, bracers, and dagger optional if more survival is required and/or needed.
It also makes rings and amulets more optional (I think).
Also, I'm hoping the skills I've selected for each set to bonus will allow much more versatility in the sets. Thus differentiating one player from another while hopefully (if balanced right) removing a mandatory skill line-up for the sets.

Howl, parnhas, confusion, and whatever else become optional abilities to support a build if needed.

Lastly, I have a question regarding tall man's finger.
During season 6, it appeared that one large dog provided less healing power when using leeching rune than multiple dogs did.
Has anyone ever looked into this?
Is it my imagination, is it that multiple dogs spread the heals out more instead of one big heal, or is it that the big leeching dog doesn't get the stacked healing power you would expect, just as is done with damage?

Anyway, apart from my question regarding tall man's finger, the suggestions I made are just that; Suggestions, and thus should be taken with a grain of salt.
I in no way have a keen sense of balance (thus why I put x's as opposed to actual numbers).
I'm just trying to think up changes that would provide more player choice on skills and gear as opposed to each set having a basically mandatory cookie cutter for each set.
Basically any attack a player might want to use is represented in one of the sets (hopefully the one it best suits) and the sets provide multiple build options. Zuni can have a carnevil, HT can have bears, Jade can have barrage, Arachyr can have big bad voodoo, and there's many more options in there other than the standard soul harvest survivability build. It should be a choice based on preference and not a standard based on necessity.
all of these suggestions are pointless (even the pet targeting everyone wants) as long as pets have collision detection with each other

what other offensive game mechanic punishes you for having too much of it ?
06/25/2016 02:44 PMPosted by Jalantha
all of these suggestions are pointless (even the pet targeting everyone wants) as long as pets have collision detection with each other

what other offensive game mechanic punishes you for having too much of it ?

Yeah, its pretty well established that Bliz could give two craps about what WD players want.
Appears to have the least active forums because it's apparent Bliz is not reading them, nor caring what we want.

The only time WDs get noticed is when something goes horribly wrong in the positive direction for the players.

Example being the recent bug for the new sacrifice legendary power.
That got fixed pretty quickly, yet nothing was done to actually fix the class and our gear at all.

It's literally the class with the most potential for fun and viable builds, yet every bit of that is ignored...
It seems that we've even lost viable builds over time.
Sacrific build used to be a thing... Not anymore.
Carnevil used to be a thing.
And there were several other builds that no longer exist because it was basically taken away, or other things were made so powerful (though really only made powerful enough to compete) that you have to taken them if you want to rift past 70.
blizzard seems to need more time and personnel
these so called quick solutions wont last very long - looking at the world proves it; we need to get at the root of the problems, not just trying to onlx fix the symptoms
but then this is just a virtual videogame, why not put your energy into the whole world? :D cant ignore the problems forever and whyt our so called markets do to others
video orbis?

It seems a portion of the view point regarding WDs in this thread, is part of my view of the Wiz class. Zuni has the potential to have very high defense (23 pets x 3% damage reduction per pet). 69% DR with ramp-up requirement isn't a good as 60% DR instant with a single button press. The issues I've seen with WD are...

- Garg may as well be Mr. Potatoe-Head because it/they drop aggro and re-target for no reason and they are bugged where they sometimes don't attack an enemy who attacks your WD.

- Fetishes they can block the Garg(s) at times and when used with Broken Promises ring and PE gem one can encounter 2-4 sec periods of no BP procs. However, this may be a bug with BP and 23 Fetishes + PE just makes it worse.

- Z-Dogs only really do good damage when TMF is equipped, but Endless Walk locks a ring slot making the player choose between TMF and SMF (and one might add RoRG and unity to the list). A large group of Z-Dogs can be good defensively with the Serpent Mojo. However, the only way I can use all of the pets, get all of the pet bonuses I want and all of the attack speed bonuses, is by sacrificing a large chunk of defense and running with supports. However, I'm not sure there is enough damage with pets in a group to justify them.

As you and others have already stated the class is heavily gear locked. However, I think all of the classes may have the same heavy gear lock issue.
Here are my suggested Zuni changes.

Zuni - Bonuses to pets, primary skills.

2 - Your Fetish Army lasts until they die and the cool down of your Fetish Army, dog, and garg is reduced by 80%. This will make re-summoning a viable fix for poor pet AI and allow you to recover DR and DPS faster after WD death.

4 - You and your pets take 3% less damage for every pet (fetish, dog, garg) you have alive. (a bump to DR)

6 - Any enemy struck by a primary skill or Mana spenders takes x% increased damage from pets and primary skills. Allows you to run spender-less builds.

Make sacrifice and FA ambush skills "pet skills" so that they benefit from the zuni 6 bonus. SMK+FA ambush spamming becomes viable. Big bonus to sacrifice.

Make SMF & TMF a set. Each ring has the same base bonus, but set bonus is +X% to all skills per garg/dog. This makes up for not having traveler set or F&R.

Make attacks by mimics trigger zuni set bonuses.

With primary skills getting boosted by the zuni set and tagging mobs with primary to trigger zuni 6, the weapons and mojos that boost primary skills become viable alternatives.

Most of these changes should be easy to implement. Making SMF&TMF a set would be a little harder.
Your post is too long and confusing on the main topics you wanna talk about.

Although I agree with some things (zuni needs some rework) and some don't (focus restraint doesn't need to be a strong ring for every build possible, neither coe), I can't really see where you wanna get here.

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