Bliz: Set/items special effects with procs

04/21/2016 09:02 AMPosted by Nevalistis
I wanted to get a bit more detail before making this post, and I had the opportunity in one of my more recent meetings.

Let's talk procs. We have a general philosophy that, for both performance and balance reasons, procs shouldn't proc other procs.

However, there are some items in the game that are an exception to that rule. Belt of the Trove is one such design; it was totally created in mind to work with the Invoker 4-piece set bonus. So, when we were doing our optimization passes to reinforce our basic philosophy, we accidentally impacted this and a couple other similar situations (specifically Blade of the Tribes and Lut Socks).

We've done a pass to correct these, and these changes have been hotfixed onto the current PTR. For the most part, going forward, you should expect that procs shouldn't proc other procs (including Area Damage)... but if there's an exception that seems weird, please let me know. I'm happy to forward on the feedback for review!

i mean if can go in mass and tell blizz that EP from Uliana doesn't generate Area damage maybe they will fix it finally

OK that u make other sets like 2000% dmg buff to certain skills only or to all damage and let all skills in that set proc Area damage with that damage buff make sense...

OK get a skill that does small damage and make a set that makes that skill do OMG IMBA that much increased damage from set and items effects combo and gets damage bonus from procs and Area damage

And then make an other set with special effects that the set is completely based around those special effects from set and items combo but, then completely disregard access to Area damage for those set builds makes no sense

Because if u get a OMG IMBA Skill that does damage only once in 1 minute and make it with a set be more frequent in casts, that skill/special effect from set ALSO need to get Area damage bonus

And make it equivalent to that small hitting skill that suddenly got buffed through the roof and haves access to Area damage
IMO Area Dmg should work on any dmg that is not itself area dmg (including procs from SWK4, Odyn, etc.).

Area DMG is a fricking HUGE modifier. And, right now it feels incredibly inconsistent between similar effects.

Another option would be to remove all proc area dmg and introduce a LON-like 2-4p proc set, that boosts proc dmg by 100x. Then maybe we'd use more of the absolutely absurd quantity of proc legs that are currently unuseable (fart pants, TF, Odyn, SK mace, knife belt, etc., etc., etc.).

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