How do I tell if a girl likes me for me

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04/25/2016 02:04 AMPosted by aziure
All women care about is how much gold is in your chest.

My chest only has full blown of hair. gf is over here playing LOTRO!!!!!!!!!!! lol
04/24/2016 08:07 PMPosted by Enigma
or just my paragon level and legendary collection?

Jokes on you. She's not really a girl.
Sounds like you need an ancient pig sticker OP.....
No, OP, it's none of those. It's your dedication to do more than 8000 posts in the forum while only got P200 level in the game. On average you left 40 posts per each paragon level!

You are a poet and she loved you to death....

If she falls for it, then she's all yours...
/sigh... is that what this world is coming to? How big your paragon is and picture gems?
Delete everything, if she stays, it was meant to be.

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