Why is it the same GR75 in season 6 again for SC/HC?

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Blizzard: why do you continue to keep doing the same GR's for both achievements? Shouldn't the HC achievement be lower/or the SC achievement be higher?

Considering on the top end, the difference seems to be around 10 GR's difference between HC/SC, don't you think the SC achievement should be either ~5 higher than the HC at 80, or HC should be set to ~70?
No, that's your choice to play HC, there is no other difference between HC and SC besides the permadeath, so why should achievements be any different?
Because we don't need easy HC.
Not a big deal OP...I am a solo guy and hit 77 during s5...5 attempts at 78 were a little short....

More power creep will ensure this is doable for a large majority of HC players that at lwast put avg game time in....

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