What's your favorite D2 and D3 Boss Fight?

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For D2, I have to say fighting Uber Duriel in The Forgotten Sands with my Necro was just awesome.

In D3, The Malthael fight was excellent, especially when trying for some of the achievements; well, at least when he was still hard to kill.
D2: many bosses were great, but Duriel and Diablo were the most difficult ones for me.
D2 (LoD): The ancients, fight 3 bosses is never easy over all if they move so much.

D3: Belial
D3 (RoS): Urzael and Malthael. I like Urzael for how much the field change over the fight, we had a hard time killing it the firt time.

Special Mentions: The butcher from D1 and Hephasto the Armorer from D2
D3: Belial and diablo pre-RoS.
D2: Travincal council for sure.
I believe that I like all the bosses in d2, Diablo himself is memorable.

In d3, old belial was really awesome. I have to agree that Urzael, Adria and Malthael are good too. Urzael was a very good surprise.
D2 - diablo and Baal.

D3 - Adria and malth. Actual boss fight malth. Not the bounty malth.
D2 - the butcher, because i died like 50 times to it before i realised it was a boss lol

D3 - Diablo is my fav fight
I know you didnt ask for D1 but the boss o liked the most of all 3 games was the butcher in D1. Just as u start getting a feel of the game you open the door thinking that it should be an easy fight since it so early only to hear "fresh meat" and realise a bit too late that u are indeed nothing more than just fresh meat.

In D2 i enjoyed andariel and diablo the most. Especially the first time i went to fight diablo my heart was pounding when i broke the last seal not knowing what to expect... I should have known that a quick death was imminent.

As for D3... I started playing when RoS came out and even though i was playing at the highest difficulty i could i never got the feeling that fights were hard.
I did enjoy killing uber diablo at T10 this season though with my really undergeared DH. Soon after getting a high enough paragon to open T10 i went ahead an tried all ubers solo. After about 5-6 deaths in each realm i got my first HF amulet (which was crap ofc :p) but it felt like anachievement
In D2 the atmosphere in the boss rooms and the journey to them is just more interesting overall than anything in D3 for every single boss.

Diablo in D2 in chaos sanctuary was awesome. Just fighting to get into Chaos sanctuary is more awesome than the Diablo fight in D3. Diablo in D3 is awful. Having the fight interrupted twice for a transition between "phases" is really obnoxious and made it even worse.

Early D3v inferno Belial and even Azmodan were somewhat interesting if you fought them in gimp gear. The fights went on for a long time and you could easily be one shot if you messed up at all. I soloed original inferno Azmodan on my DH in random blues and yellows. It took like 20+ attempts as any source of damage hitting me one shot me and my DPS was so low I had to go through all the mechanics several times without getting hit. Now in RoS the pools are just essentially a WoW style enrage timer I guess, though we never have limited enough DPS to experience that mechanic and he just dies in seconds and is basically a really large rare monster with mechanics that are more easily ignored than rare monster affixes.

The Act 5 fights in D3 wouldn't be that bad outside of more obnoxious pauses between phases, especially compared to Diablo, but you never really face them when they're actually difficult anymore so you can't really appreciate the fight mechanics. At most you see them in bounties and can usually kill them (or push them into their next phase) in seconds.

Overall the main problem with D3 bosses is either atmosphere, too many obnoxious pauses (or both in the case of Diablo) or just that power creep renders any actual boss fight mechanic completely irrelevant (thanks infinite progression!?).
04/21/2016 08:40 AMPosted by Hardonails
D2 - the butcher, because i died like 50 times to it before i realised it was a boss lol

D3 - Diablo is my fav fight

D2 boss encounters were always a blast like that. Run in all Leroy Jenkins about it then realize they're a little more op than that hellwitch was... Lol.
D2: Diablo, Mephisto, the ancients

D3: none. If I have to choose I would say Azmodan, because there are no annoying cutscenes during the fight, but overall all bossfights are fubar from every point of view. Dialogues, visuals and especially areas in which they are placed!
I love topics like these. Memory lane, here we go!

I think for Diablo II, I'm partial to Andariel, likely because she sets the stage for what you're really getting yourself into. Or maybe it's because I have a tendency to restart my games when something isn't working out, so maybe I've seen her more than the average individual. :P She kind of became my cut off point for "is this working?" Early enough to not lose too much, but late enough to get a sense of what was or wasn't up to snuff.

For Diablo III, it's a toss up between Belial and Malthael. Mechanically, the first time I encountered each, they made me think very strategically and plan out my movements and tactics. With time, experience, and gear, they're both very different encounters now, but I'll never forget the day one failures building up to a great sense of accomplishment on success! Sometimes, in a new Season I'll bump up Torment difficulties before I'm actually ready just for a similar sense of challenge.
D2 - Clearing diablo with skelemancer in normal.
04/21/2016 02:48 PMPosted by Nevalistis
For Diablo III, it's a toss up between Belial and Malthael. Mechanically, the first time I encountered each, they made me think very strategically and plan out my movements and tactics.

Belial was the better encounter in D3V, pre-nerf Inferno. It was an accomplishment to beat him.

Malthael was hard as well when RoS just came out and we had grossly outdated gear (if you didn't lower the difficulty).

I think you should aim for this kind of challenge instead of just artificially increasing numbers in GR. Perhaps Rift Guardians should be made challenging?
I agree those challenge's for the most part what keep me going, I had to beat them. There is no challenge any more. Just the same old grind. :)
Butcher in d1 is definitely my favorite. He scared the !@#$ out of me, when I played it as a kid and in my opinion, he was a lot more scary than diablo lol, so whoever designed him in d1 and his lair filled with bodies, did a really good job.

If we are talking about d2, then I have to say that Duriel is my favorite. He has also killed my character and team more times than I can remember hehe.

In d3 its definitely Belial. The rest are very easy to beat and almost comical when they have their monologues. However, I remember in d3 vanilla, where especially Belial was very hard to beat and you needed to follow a certain pattern at the same time or he would kill your character and team instantly.

Now that I come to think of it, I actually enjoyed the long and hard boss fights in vanilla, whereas today i.e. my wd can kill the ubers in 2 secs on TX which is a real joke and quite tedious to be honest, so I hope blizzard will do something about boss and game difficulty, as its not challenging anymore.
- Countess
- Mephisto
- Diablo
- Baal

D3 - 1.00-1.02:
- all Inferno bosses :D

- none *yawn*
04/20/2016 02:23 PMPosted by Melos
In Diablo II my favorite boss fight would have to be vs the Ancients. Fighting 3 Barbarians at the same time that use the same skills as a Barbarian player, each being Immune to Lightning, Fire, or Cold and sometimes even Immune to two elements made it both challenging and rememberable! Even with my now decked out pure Blizzard Sorceress, I still sometimes pop in to Hell difficulty "Ancients Plz Help" games to fight them for fun.

In Diablo III, I have to say my favorite boss would be Belial... I honestly didn't like the whole child emperor you find in a sewer being the lord of lies, as it was extremely obvious, but when it came to the actual boss fight, I really felt like it was how a boss fight should happen. You fight the little minions first, and then the first form weak Belial which gives the impression that this will be an easy fight. You knock him to low enough HP and he transformed into a gigantic and imposing-I-will-crush-you Belial. It also helps that I played vs him after a few months from when D3 first came out... and he was extremely difficult then! I still remember the enraged timers and he would obliterate everyone in the area if you didn't kill him fast enough.

What's your favorite D2 and D3 boss fights?

Uber diablo in both for me. Very well done fight both times.
Diablo 2 - Ancients. Fun idea, and always a tricky boss fight.
Diablo 3 - Belial. One of the most difficult things ever for me was beating Belial on inferno on the first weak of release. Maphael is probably my favorite boss as far as mechanics, but I'll always remember that first go through act 2.
Diablo 1,

I always enjoyed the Butcher, the room he was in had all those dead bodies and I like fresh meat!

Diablo 2,

Diablo himself, I loved the idea with the seals and Diablo was a very hard to beat boss, especially early on, when you had bad gear. Quite often people were unable to kill him, either because they couldn't finish the mini bosses, especially the fana - conv ones with speed, or because Diablo just killed them first with the fire.

Diablo 3,

Skeleton King, as for me he was the last true Diablo encounter in a dungeon. Act 1 until him, is just greatly done and I had so high hopes with D3 when playing Beta, as I expect the whole game to be like that.

All the other bosses and maps, were somewhere in the field or in some kind of pseudo realm. At D1 and D2, all bosses were in dungeons and you had to work for them, this sadly wasn´t achieved at D3, with the exception of Skeleton King and Butcher.

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