What's your favorite D2 and D3 Boss Fight?

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Diablo 1:

The butcher - From the man dying in front of the catedral to the butcher room full of dead bodies, and the amazing weapon the butcher drops, loved that fight.

Diablo 2:

Diablo fight. From all the bosses on d2, he was the hardest one for me on the first encounter

Diablo 3 pre inferno nerf:

Diablo fight pre nerf was the most amazing fight in all my d3 gamming. Over 20 minutes of intense fight. The feeling of killing him for the first time was great and really an accomplishment.

Diablo 3 monster power era:

Belial mp 10. 2 minutes, you had 2 minutes to kill him on his last phase before enrage timer kick in. A huge gear check, back then you had to do 2 million damage per sec, was crazy. Took me 2-3 months to gear for the fight, trying every class. Did the first kill with a hota barb. The mechanics on belial fight was amazing, If you miss to avoid some of his attacks was certain death. Intense fight;

Diablo 3 ROS pre GR era:

Lvlving to 70 with upgrade from drops made the boss fights pretty interesting too. I enjoyed the Urzael and Mathial fight. But the FIGHT here was UBER DIABLO. That fight was amazing and intense almost every time.

Diablo 3 ROS pos GRs:

The legendary gems was a huge powercreep, making all boss fights pretty easy. But Grs bosses are interesting fights on solo records sometimes. When you have the time to get that record, but a dificult boss show up.

On hardcore i had a few close calls on pushing. Erathon almost got me down once. Perendi and stonesinger are pretty deadly too. Fighting a boss with spirirt vessel triggered, it is like 1 minute with your heart racing fast hehe
back before D2 became ruined by immunities, I loved Baal boss fights in public, you would see so many weird builds trying to do damage or just survive. Once Immunities removed the viability of almost all skills, it was just barbs and paladins throwing hammers while everyone else tried to grab loot.

In D3, pre-ROS I loved the magda uber fight, it was objectively hard, required strategy, mechanics abuse, planning, and coordination.
Diablo 1 =The butcher.I was so young and he totaly scared me.
Diablo 2 =Mephisto,he was such a terrifying caracther for me even at 12 years old.
Diablo 3 = Even tho I love this game ,none of the boss fight had me some chilling.Yes I am 28 years old (24 when I first finished this game) but I expected a bit more of this game.At best I would say azmodan,I love this fat bastard.
Diablo 1 to me was the butcher because he was the boss that gave me the most trouble

Diablo2 Either Mephisto or Baal

Diablo3. It is been a while since I completed the Story mode of the game. The last time I completed the story mode was when my little cousin and I played through act 4 on PS4 and he did Act 5 on his own.
For D2, I loved the ancients. Tough as hell without some over-geared guy carrying you. Diablo himself was great as well.

For D3, the old inferno Belial. It demanded perfect execution. More importantly, it stands as a testament to the glaring idiocy of implementing unavoidable damage as a source of artificial difficulty. Belial didn't need cheap unavoidable damage to destroy you back then, and every single attack in the encounter is avoidable. Whoever decided to implement unavoidable damage in this game should be locked in a room forced to beat the old Belial over and over again till he learns a lesson on good ARPG design. Yes, I'm serious.
Duriel is my favorite boss in D2. He was so damn tough that beating him felt like a major accomplishment. I remember walking into fight him as a Skelly necro and thinking he'd be cake. Only to see my skeletons drop with 1 swipe lmao. He was damn tough and took awhile to beat.

What was hilarious was my buddy was a Thorns Paladin and did nothing but stack points in that and vitality. Duriel 2 hit himself lmfao!

In D3 its easily Malthael. Such a fun fight, he's awesome.
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For D2 I'll never forget that first attempt with a summon Necro to take down Diablo

04/21/2016 02:48 PMPosted by Nevalistis
I think for Diablo II, I'm partial to Andariel

There is some significance in (two) blues quoting D2 in the D3 forums, especially as it's not happened before.
Gonna add a Diablo here.

D1 Skeleton King (with butcher as a close second).
D2 Andariel (although I liked all bosses in this game)
D3 Skeleton King (one of the few bosses I actually like here)

I think the bosses in D3 stall to much, watching the animations while they go to the next super saiyan phase is fun on the first time you encounter them, after that its annoying.
Also killing a boss in D3 feels unrewarding, in D2 you hunted bosses and had "good" chances of getting nice gear, in D3 bosses drop crappy and hunting chests is better if you want gear.
For D2 mine would be Mephesto, For D3 it's Uber Diablo.
The last set of baal's minions, the ones that would explode and kill you in 1 hit. I do believe that my favorite boss fight is d3's Diablo.
The only times bossfights were hard and challenging in D3 was between game version 1.0.0 and 1.0.8 - from that point on the game got casualized, means oversimplified with every further patch for the sake of the casual until today; with the result that no boss is a challenge anymore.

Nothing except highest tier grifting is a challenge anymore in D3; get done with that chewing gum of boredom mode and bring back difficulty and challenge to the game.
I miss the boss fight aspect a bit in D3 RoS.

Malthael is definitly the most challenging fight when tuned properly against your gear - but on T10 everything is just too easy with a full set bonus.

My favorite D2 fight is hard to pick; I think I like them all, with perhaps Duriel being my least favorite because it was such a small area to fight in (with kiting classes like sorc and bowazon, that fight was an absolute nightmare on normal and ... inferno on hell?).
04/21/2016 02:48 PMPosted by Nevalistis
For Diablo III, it's a toss up between Belial and Malthael. Mechanically, the first time I encountered each, they made me think very strategically and plan out my movements and tactics.

Belial was the better encounter in D3V, pre-nerf Inferno. It was an accomplishment to beat him. Perhaps Rift Guardians should be made challenging?

Maybe what we need are instanced, unique bosses in GRs. Literally the only difference between a regular rift and a greater rift are the lack of loot drops, the timer, and the fact that all the enemies die when the GR spawns.

Maybe what we need to make GRs feel more challenging or differ heavily from regular rifts are unique arenas to fight GR bosses in and unique mechanics for them similar to how boss battles currently work. This would work because of the aforementioned differences:
- No need to worry about screwing the players out of loot on the ground before transporting the player to the unique arena
- No need to worry about mobs or elites that would still "add to the challenge of the RG" because they go away already

This way GRs actually feel even more unique than regular rifts. The unique arenas can also have elements, whether aesthetically or mechanically, that add to a GR boss feel or level of challenge.

Or you could, you know, just make some cool new RG bosses that aren't the same ones we already have for regular rifts. I dunno, just a thought.
D2: Diablo--- "Not even death can save you fromm me" when he would spawn used to give me goosebumps. That whole room he was in was a great atmosphere too, it just felt epic.

D3: None--- I hate the boss fights in D3, Boring characters I dont care about in places that are visually meh.. could care less.
Diablo 1: Hands down the butcher. That guy scared me as an 11/12 year old. The first time I opened that door and heard him say, "Ahh, fresh meat" I ran. And then died. I then spent time leveling up so I could come back to him. And I think I used scrolls of stone curse to defeat him and it felt so gratifying. But honestly the atmosphere of the whole game was super dark and creepy and is extremely memorable for me to this day.

Diablo 2: Unfortunately never played before LoD. Think I jumped in around 1.09 or so. But for me it's probably Duriel. That guy was always such a pain. Between a confined area to fight in, his freeze aura, his speed, and his hard hits it made him memorable. And his line of, "Looking for Baal?" in that creepy voice when you first enter that chamber.

Diablo 3: Probably gonna' go with Belial here. I remember on release having such a hard time getting past him. I couldn't kill him solo so I had to go to pubs to try and I remember him still wrecking people. But defeating him felt like an accomplishment.
I liked all boss fights in D3 before gear made it all trivial. I remember that freezing dude from act 4 being very challenging. Had to keep at range, run away, double teleport, fun. Big D was tough too, really fun fight. Butcher was fun, barely got him before flames took over screen.

I wish in expansion everything gets stat squashed to be challenging again. Maybe some inferno difficulty that scales based on users highest gr/gear to be challenging?
Did nobody like Baal? Was it because of the "wind up" fights pre-Baal?


I liked it.

Though his beasts just before him tended to the harder challenge...

Diablo 3?
Uuharhharhmmm. Not sure.
I hated Duriel in D2 - I have a clear memory of having to empty my stash for money to resurrect my follower, buy more potions and TP scrolls...
I enjoyed the fight against Baal though he is really difficult to kill. I also enjoyed the fight against Mephisto.

As for D3, my favorite battle is against the Butcher. It has this nostalgia feel... Actually the whole first act towards the end has this horror feel that made me reminisce about Diablo I and II. I like it.
(I also hated Belial at first because I couldn't get to kill it alone no matter how I tried and it took me a long time to get to kill him by myself.)
D2 would have to be The Countess.
I will never forget that.

And so it came to pass that the Countess, who once bathed in the rejuvenating blood of a hundred virgins, was buried alive...And her castle in which so many cruel deeds took place fell rapidly into ruin. Rising over the buried dungeons in that god-forsaken wilderness, a solitary tower, like some monument to Evil, is all that remains.

It was pretty much the 1st "swarm" mob you fight. so you had to factor her in and all those other mobs and if you go unprepared you got your @$$ filled with arrows.

Diablo 3 would be our A-2 boss. with loot 1.0 gear being more balanced with content back then if you didn't pay attention to avoiding his atatcks (in the difficulty you are geared for) he could seriously kill you.

Sorry but currently I havent died to a boss in years :/ even at a lower gear situation. (as you can avoid 80% of the damage and they dont enrage so you have all time in the world)
Diablo 2... Duriel. Mainly because when I watched my bro fight him as a Necromancer, all the minions died so he was left running around Duriel's lair in circles whilst the big bug chased him down. My first fights with my 3 characters (Paladin, Barbarian, Assassin) were each a challenge to do the fight faster than the previous attempt. Pally took a while and a tonne of health potions using zeal. Barb with Frenzy was faster, and the Assassin was a 10sec bout.

Diablo 3... Urzael on first attempt when going from 60-70. My bro had a friend jump in during this section and as we were underpowered for the difficulty we were on, it required more than one attempt as well as having to revive each other. Quite an exciting battle. Really wish more boss battles were like this.

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