What are the stash tab requirements for S6?

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I'm finally off from work haha....
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gCq8ihJBcYDZpPICFqA407fL0Fl_K9PMBp83npy5DcM/htmlview?sle=true# select journey
Yea I think I might be slow I couldn't really make heads or tales I see where it says reward but I don't understand the requirements

Is it everything next to Conqueorer?
reach level 70, grift 20, kill izual on t2 or higher. i stupidly went and killed kulle without checking and was wondering where my second gift was. then read it was izual this time around. good luck!

edit - if you want, i'm thinking of making a second char so we could level together if you're interested. epicsmoke#1760, not many populated public games

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