How Long Will You play Season 6 for?

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Cosmetics from Chapter 4. Quickly, as I have Overwatch beta and Doom coming.
play til champion journey and done when you have to master a dungeon. blizz why ruin journeys with dungeons ffs
04/28/2016 09:40 PMPosted by Rathys
Stash tab and out.

People have done that already, few day in.

Which dev made this game so short?
At the point where I need to fish for good Greater Rifts to progress so kinda getting turned off.
05/01/2016 03:59 AMPosted by Dickawesome
Wizard is really unfun this season, so probably not very long. That or I'll just switch to a different toon. Haven't struggled this hard to complete GR20 in a long time.

Yea, still haven`t figured out how to kill all bosses under 20 minutes with a`ll come to me soon(I hope).
I knew I should`ve went for DH instead...
I got a HTC Vive on the way as well as finalizing on a new house.

I'm hoping to get stash and peace out for the rest of the season, too much excitement coming my way!
04/28/2016 09:40 PMPosted by Rathys
Stash tab and out.

2-3 weeks. The same as every other season I've played. Once the journey is over I lose motivation. Grinding paragon is boring.

Really wish competitive grift pushing wasn't all but determined by how much you botted your paragon.
I am out of season within 15 minutes of gaining the stash tab, Just like last season and the next two seasons.
05/03/2016 03:43 AMPosted by DarkSoul6410
04/28/2016 09:40 PMPosted by Rathys
Stash tab and out.


This. This.

Probably 1-2 more days then back to POE
Stash and out.

Need 1 more gem to 35 to finish Champion goals. Done the bosses i think for the next 2 set of goals but can't manage the speed rifts :(

Need to find a group that can do T10 rift in under 4 min.

Also need a group that can help me beat 20 bosses in 20 min
04/28/2016 09:40 PMPosted by Rathys
Stash tab and out.

+1 No other reason to play season
I would only play it until I got my extra stash tab. I don't find completing season journey fulfilling, and the leaderboard is fill up mostly by botters and I find it demoralizing to play seasons.
04/28/2016 09:12 PMPosted by Hero
I'll probably play till about 500 paragon and lose purpose, a couple weeks from now. But it'll be a mediocre two weeks :) .

Im currently Paragon 650 something *Seasonal*. Im hoping for 800 then im probably done
I completed the seasonal journey by Season Day 2.
Now i just jump between NS and S depending on what my friends are playing looking for Xmog and buggering around in GRs.
Most people play seasons for the Stash and maybe the portrait then they are done
04/28/2016 09:40 PMPosted by Rathys
Stash tab and out.

Probably this for me. I might have tried for Guardian again, but it isn't worth banging my head against the hornet's nest that's inside my desk drawer whilest simultaneously opening and closing said drawer on my head. That portrait is sooooooooooo ugly. I usually try to be nice to the art department because, you know, creativity, but daaaaaaaaaaaaayum those things remind me of tapeworms.

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