Build: Double Woh!

Whats better than Woh? Double Woh!

CBR aka Casual Build Roundup presents: Double Woh Tal Rasha build.

I'ts yet another Play-your-Way-Thusday build category for casuals. Not all builds have to be min-maxed or GG, some builds are just for funzies. This could be one of them. It probably won't creep onto the leaderboard, but i've done GR70 with just 2 pieces of ancient gear (being pants and belt), barely over 500 paragon and sub 60 level gems! So it'll will do your casual S6 journey GR requirements with ease.

First: proc don't proc doesn't apply here. What applies though is 3-level-deep proc!

Apparently: Etched Sigil's proc from using channeling spenders do proc Wand of Woh triple explosion and these explosions do proc Orb of Infinte Depth stack procs!
So with Wand of Woh, you get your own additional triple Explosive Blasts and Sigil "spawns" own EB, that also has additional triple blasts. And all of them proc OiD damage/defenses bonus.
So that's the mechanic the build is utilizing.

Second: I wanted a safe and facetanking build, more for casual pushing. Something that works regardless of Rift Guardian or density or suitable set of pylons. Probably pretty good for casual HC (as much as there is casual on HC).

Because of massive amount of EB-s, 4 stack OiD is basically given, as long as there is at least one mob around to blast. Instead of typical firebird 4 piece, in goes Mantle of Channeling (25% multiplicative damage and defense boost) and Nilfurs boasts for little damage boost for Tal Rasha 2pc set bonus meteors. Out goes RoRG ring and we have some ring options. Skipping Unity will probably bring Esoteric gem requiement, but it's finding your own suitable balance of defense vs offence. I like being careless, so i went double Unity.

Wep: Wand of Woh
Offhand: either Etched Sigil or Orb of Infinite Depth (other being in the cube)
Pants, Belt, Chest, Gloves, Helm, Amu: Tal Rasha 6 piece set
Boots: Nilfurs Boasts
Shoulders: Mantle of Channeling
Bracers: Ancient Parthan Defenders
Armor cube: Hergbrass
Rings v1 (offensive version): Focus&Restraint and cubed Halo
Rings v2 (defensive version): Halo/Unity/CoE (one of them cubed)

Gems: Bane of the Trapped and Bane of the Powerful are standard. If you go offensive ring options, you might need Esoteric or if you're trying to solo push or feel stuff is taking bit too much time to kill, then Bane of the Stricken is good on higher levels.

Follower (Templar) : Cannot Die relic, Unity, Oculus, rest doesn't matter much.

Native sheet CDR is important, this will increase your damage the most. Etched Sigil will proc EB-s at the Skill tooltip cooldown rate, but will take account your sheet CDR. Try to get to 50% CDR (paragon, diamond in the helm, Evocation, Weapon, Source, Shoulders and at least one more roll (on the ring for example) should about do it).

Additional explosions or Sigil proc don't proc Area Damage, so this stat is not imporatnt.
Hergbrash belt ensures you never run out of Arcane Power. RCR is basically a wasted stat.
Attack speed is not important at all, you can even roll attack speed on your Tal's chest off (to Explosive blast skill bonus or added defenses).


Build plays a bit similar to Arcane Orb DMO in way that you keep close, facetank stuff and do damage mainly with EB, both yours and sigil's. Stay in the middle of mobs to maximize APD/Halo defenses.

Try to utilize follower's Oculus ring proc as much as you can! that's a monster dps boost. TP to the ring and let them come to you.
Illusionist passive is the key here, so as soon as you get some incoming damage, you can TP out to safety, preferably into the Oculus circle.

Buffing others skills (exept Explosive Blast) isn't really imporant, theyre more for stacks (set 4pc and 6pc bonus) and utility.

Channeling pylon is especially handy, as it'll lower CDR of both your own and sigil EB-s (as it lower your sheet CDR)!

Tip (with caution): Use numlock trick for your own Explosive Blast casting. Bind secondary key to any numpad number (say numpad 1). Make sure your numlock is ON. After entering the rift, hold down numpad 1 and press numlock to OFF. After releasing it will cast EB as soon as it's off it's cooldown. Warning though. It will take precedence from mouse buttons, so you need to release mouse buttons (any) at least once within EB cooldown time. If you spamcast yourself, this part is not imporant.

Edit:fixed wrong rune in the skillset
Good thinking, although the requirement to channel would be cumbersome in the speed environments you'll likely want to use it. But surely nice for having some fun.
Your Tal Rasha build is missing an element -_-
05/14/2016 08:03 AMPosted by KTBoundary
Your Tal Rasha build is missing an element -_-

Yup ; change Signature to Glacial Spike, prob your best bet if you cant run FN.
Sry guys. I put a wrong rune. Should have been Ice Blades instead (though glacial works just as well).
Its not a speedbuild, because it's a walking build.

For speedcontent i use woh with AW and fb4/rorg. The downside is capped defenses and less continous dps output.
I might have to try this. No AW, though. T_T
Have you tried this with Endless Walk? It requires RoRG (since you're dropping both the Tal amulet and the source) in the cube but frees up a ring slot for Halo. It also completely removes the need for a primary skill. Since cold is the leftover element, you can use something cheap in AP like frost hydra (which makes a great advance scout and aggros mobs to you) or frost nova/frozen mist.
I decided to try this and it is really fun. I am just wondering about Taeguk though... This build is using Arcane Torrent a lot (Etched Sigil and Mantle of Channeling), so wouldn't Taeguk be a better choice (or even mandatory) for Leg Gem? It would give extra damage and armor boosts.

I have not tried with it cause I have not leveled Taeguk yet, but it seems like a good idea.
Another boon of Hydra is Edged Sigil not casting it while it's up. This leaves more room for the spells you want.
i think F&R has higher potential. Amulet slot for Tal's is hard to lose.

F&R makes more sense, as you still keep Halo (basically required), it's consistent and considerably higher damage boost (compared to CoE) and you'll not going to run Unity in party anyway (and in solo mode requires second unity and follower (preferably templar) relic.

the issue for me is i haven't found a single good F&R yet. really been unlucky with them. always getting crappy and uncomfortable rolls.
on the other hand i got lucy and got 50CHD/6CHC/8CDR halo and my CoE is okay too.

there might be sense for going for Ray of Frost: Cold Blood. If you keep attack speed down (rolling off everything and even skipping AS on paragon alltogether) and have APoC or MW: conduit, i think you'll probably won't need a cubed hergbrash at all.
for double WoH, you'll not actually trying to do much damage with channeling, it's just for sigil proc. So might as well be the cheapest channel spender out there. What's worse (for channelers), because of numlock trick and tals stack management (for 4PC resistances bonus), you actually have to cancel it very often so you'll rarely reach max power. Exept MW: deflection shield stacking, channeling is requried just for triggering EB and that's about once in 3 seconds (with 50CDR)

And then you can use electrocute: Surge for Power lightning for even more AP.

This opens armor slot for the cube. Maybe you could fit Aquila (monster defense bonus) or go Leorics for more CDR or just plain more fire damage with magefists(esp if you don't have fire% amulet).

i'm going to play around with RoF, just to check what's required to be able to drop herg with it and still keep Aquila. i sense a mayor gain here. you may even go F&R and flat out 3 dps gems without esoteric.
taeguk seems solid here actually.

at first glance i'll switch to RoF: CB, and surge of power and swap deflection for conduit. Then i'll check whether it's enough to manage 50%+CDR EB spam and still keep up over 90% resources to have Aquila defense bonus. then we're easily into AOrb DMO defenses level. it may even backfire in a sense that you won't be able to proc illusionist any more on sub GR70.
This build looks interesting... might have to give it a try thanks for sharing.

Do you have a link to your character profile for this build or a video of a GR70 clear?
What about less CDR w/ Flash and using flame ward?
Interesting, thanks.. which GR level you can farm comfortably with this build?
i have just one char in S6 that's currently equipped with blade setup.

haven't tried flash. i heard flash brings RCR into equation, that i don't really like to touch (don't have gears anyway).

also 2 times lower base CDR brings another "issue" into the fray: numlock tricking starts to suck. IF you keep mouse button down, then it will not numlock-fire EB (at least for me it works like this). With typical chain reaction setup, you must release mouse button just once in 3 seconds (and this means channeling cancel). with flash it'll be even cumbersome.

i'm not there yet. i just dinged P600 on S6
i did 70 barely. starting to get wrecked on 69/70 unless i go esoteric, but with dropping DPS gems killing starts to take a bit too much time. running mid 60-s is reasonable. safe and relatively fast.
I did try out other EB runes, but you run into issues with either not enough damage or not enough resources.

One variant that actually seems promising (although kind of sacrilegious) is subbing in wicked wind for teleport and cubing/wearing Ranslors. This build only does damage up close, and I find that I spend a lot of time chasing random mobs around so that they can be killed by EB spam. Using a single twister to pull an entire room of white mobs together creates your own density and speeds trash killing by a lot. Etched Sigil then generates additional twisters to pull in stragglers. You lose the mobility of teleport but if you can pull the entire room to you and kill them at ground of your choosing, it's a good trade. It works well in any kind of map with discrete rooms/segments like act II sand dungeons, act III underground castle dungeons, etc.

I'm going to have to try Black Hole/Spellsteal or Event Horizon next. There's a cooldown to deal with but etched Sigil basically doubles the casts.

i play with a very similar setup. The only difference in equipment is that i prefer zodiac over coe. This ring is so much fun!
I also use mirinae, thats why i go with static discharge for a lot of procs...

05/19/2016 08:19 AMPosted by ThreeStars
I'm going to have to try Black Hole/Spellsteal or Event Horizon next.

Spellsteal would be great, but each cast overrides the previous one. So it´s quite hard to manage it well enough. But "chain"-event horizon is awesome too! ;-p

05/18/2016 05:16 AMPosted by highq
haven't tried flash. i heard flash brings RCR into equation

...yes it does! I use it at my lightning lon mage. It´s also a lot of fun, but chain reaction works way better for me with tals.

I do 70´s in ~11min average atm.

Any video?
Can you do 75 solo with it? I know its more for speed runs, rather than pushing, but as im more casual im searching for a speed build to have fun with but use it for the 75 solo achievment too. I probably wont be able to optimize 2 Sets of gear, especially as i play HC and need a backup Set anyway.
05/19/2016 03:03 PMPosted by Luffy
Any video?

Just a random 70GR in 10min. No pulling, no really good shrine positions.
...stupid bandicam closed the the window exactly as the RG dies :-p

So 75 should be possible, at least with some fishing... but i hate doing that!
70 is perfect for me atm. Not too easy, not too cheesy ;-)

I've found the best EB build is to keep it simple with massive CDR (I've found 66% is the sweet spot) for 3 reasons.
It keeps diamond 'enduring' skin up full time.

With EB happening more often the crit hits happen more often (it seems the sigil doesn't do that, I could be wrong). Also FnR (far better than EW) stays up the whole time as EB proc ing happens almost as often as proc ing from arc lightning.

And also with teleport on a 4 sec cooldown, hey! that just speaks for itself especially that I don't need to use up evocation and illustionist for the one ability, and getting to the oculus circle which in my mind is a far more effective damage dealer than CoE for this type of build. And you can put that ring on the Templar, How awesome is that!!!

So with all that DPS I can then put a lot more into tanking myself.

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