If Ben & Jerry's made a Diablo-themed ice cream...

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What would it be called?
Look, more hidden footprints!
04/26/2016 10:08 AMPosted by clueso
Look, more hidden footprints!

Look, mocha hidden fudgeprints!

04/26/2016 10:06 AMPosted by CrazyKoda

Doughblio Reaper of Sprinkles
Paragon Pistachio
Account Bound Almond
Vanilla DeVille ^^
Twister Meta

(Random Nutty Goodness)

Each batch of RNG contains 53 different types of nuts along with chunks of 2164 different types of candies. This is all mixed together with 353 different flavors of ice cream to provide the largest assortment of possible flavor combinations in every bite.

There is bound to be a perfect flavor for everyone. Good luck finding it though. I'll probably keep finding coconut, circus peanut, and squid. Mmmm.
Prime Evils.
We are not able to balance the game properly, but at least we make good ice cream.
nutty number neopolitan
Any of "master tactician" Azmodan's lines.
The Dev Team

Would consist of all the flavors the other ice creams didn't want.
If lactose intollerant people ate it, it'd be called Heaven's Wrath.
beta-avatar mass-neglect
D3 Vanilla!

Neapolitan ice cream with the vanilla removed and replaced by more chocolate.
Hmm... i have a few suiting tastes:

Nuts and chili
Chocolate and arcane sprinkles
Not Vanilla
Ray of frost brain freeze
The devil's crotch
Tyrael's chocolate sword
Bitter cain lore
60$ chicken transmog wings
Salty demon hunter
Extra soft torment
Random Generated Flavor
Lemon Critical Mass
Sugar Rush charge

And let's not forget: Chunky Wilson.

*drops mic*
Look, mocha hidden fudgeprints!

10/10, would devour mercilessly.

04/26/2016 11:13 AMPosted by Gbrav13
Any of "master tactician" Azmodan's lines.

I think "Arrogant Nephalem" makes a better band name than ice cream flavor... But what do I know, I just reap souls. :P

04/26/2016 11:31 AMPosted by Charming
D3 Vanilla!

Wut u did thar.

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