my cosmic wings didnt drop

Bug Report
hi ive been farming for the cosmic wings on t8 got into the rainbow world and found the right mob but she didn't drop a 100% rate item
and to rub my nose in it the game just crashed when I'm fighting princess lillin I'm so pissed
The wings are a white item. Did you by chance just not pick them up?
or like me, picked it up but didnt realise its white :P
I know they are white item lol I got all the pets and felcon wings I wouldn't of missed them as I was so happy to find princess lilin I almost pee in my pants lol
this is bs as I still don't get an aswer at all y ???????????
and now I keep getting diconected from the game and I got good net comes up error 3007
Yeah, this forum is a one-way forum. They don't respond. All you can do is post the bug report and that's the end of it.

If you need technical help, then go to the technical support forum. You'll have to provide a lot more information though.
I can as I got videos of last night game play so I can go into very deep lol
liar. plain and simple.

you're a troll dude, this game isnt goign to change, they arent fixing drop rates, so stop with the BS around rainbow goblins and cosmic wings.

Look at every post you make, its completely lies.

post a video or no one will believe you.

inb4 excuse for why he cant show us.

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