Laws of Seph - Request

Hi D3 dev team,

Please change Laws of Seph from restoring spirit when using Blinding Flash, to granting spirit any time you blind one or more enemies. This could open up possibilities for items like Blind Faith and Sultan of Blinding Sand. Further, allow spirit gained from blinding an enemy while using this version of Laws of Seph to exceed your normal spirit cap for up to 3 seconds.

Thank you. That is all.
I don't think it will be viable, reason being you can get more than once proc of seph, which is OP because 300spirit per sec(2proc) is more than enough for any build. UNLESS they reduce the amount of spirit restore, like to.... 30-50spirit (still alot Imo) OR incorporate Internal Cooldown about 3 sec, which is not really fun Imo.

Imagine people using FoF, just how much spirit can gain per second..... Due to its superior proc rate.
To be honest the amount of spirit you would get from a mechanic like that would be fair. For it to work you would either have to give up the helm and cube spot for blind faith or give up the weapon slot for sultan sword. You would have pretty much unlimited spirit with those items but you would lose 2 of the most important gear slots for monk to do so. The only way I see this working is in a LoN LTK or tempest rush build.
1) I like the direction of this
2) The name needs to be changed, cant be a Law.
04/28/2016 04:01 AMPosted by Starshadow
Hi D3 dev team

doesn't go to you

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