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04/28/2016 02:19 AMPosted by Revolution
What a pointless thread

If I wanted to hear sentimental rants I would pick up and read a children's fairy tale

Someone is seriously sour.

What a pointless post just to tell everyone what experiences you don't want people to share. See how that works? Nobody made you read the thread.
Great story OP, one of the best posts that has ever graced these forums! +1 I'd +1000 if I could. Forget the trolls they are everywhere and have the safety of the internet to hide behind. Here's to many, many happy years of bonding and love with you and your daughter!
Great thread and amazing story.

Anybody has ideas what's inside that envelope?
04/28/2016 04:20 AMPosted by Lizzard
Anybody has ideas what's inside that envelope?

It's like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. :)
Great post OP, a very interesting read and a nice break from the monotony of the forums. :)

I d like you to keep us updated of how things go and if you like pls share the content of the envelope with us when the time is right.

I hope you ll keep having fun with your daughter and will always find ways to keep bonding with her over the course of your lives.

04/27/2016 09:37 PMPosted by Syn
I'm not biting your bait.

I acknowledge your post, and I think you're silly.

I wish more people had a similar attitude...
04/27/2016 12:12 AMPosted by Miki
04/26/2016 10:18 PMPosted by Syn
My daughter is now just about 12 years old,

This is making you a bad parent since this game is rated M. Your daughter should play with ponies, not watch them being butchered..... just saying.

The feels. Love this.
04/27/2016 07:50 AMPosted by Harlebell

We were tomboys, and enjoyed those kind of things. I have always been thankful that dad didn't push us to be the girls we just didn't want to be. Today I can change tires, do minor repairs to my own car, plus much more. I thank him every day for nurturing the things we wanted, and not trying to raise us to be the girls that were so typical of those born in the 1980s. He raised us to be independent by spending time teaching us unlady like things.

You are a wonderful Father Syn!

Thank you! This thread and these comments are great.

People don't give kids enough credit. They understand more than we think. Let them be themselves rather than impose on them what kinds of things to like or dislike. Many girls love video games, or playing in the dirt, but are steered in other directions by society. Thankfully this is changing and many parents now aren't drowning their daughters in a sea of pink.

And the key takeaway from the original post is that this is a dad sharing a game he loves WITH his daughter who is fascinated and enjoys spending time with her dad.
Yay Nerd parents!! :D
Good job OP, my son and I have been playing the Diablo franchise for 20 years together, started when he was 8 and D1. It was never about the game but the time we spend together, the talks about real and fantasy. It helped keep us together along with all the other activities he did growing up (soccer, baseball, ect). Even today we still play together and cycle together. To the detractors, look in the mirror...can you say the person you see is a better parent because you isolate your child based on your narrow mindness? I'm sure the OP's daughter won't need counseling or safe place because someone wrote "vote trump" in chalk at her college
04/27/2016 11:27 PMPosted by DaFemaleBoss
04/27/2016 11:20 PMPosted by Blashyrkh
Are you one of those soccer mom types that needs to force their kids into early competition by tightly scheduling their whole freaking life to match exactly the pattern you want so they can be "successful" by forcing your over-conservative standards down their throats?

Benefits of physical sports? Discipline? Nothing wrong with those.

Those things are fine, as long as you don't disregard that kids are kids, and not little robots like that "parent" trying to impose his holier than thou idiocy up there. Discipline is important, no doubt about it, but assuming playing video games will rot a kid's mind is downright stupid. It's our job as parents to teach them how to properly balance things out.

Many of us grew with these games, and didn't turn out wrong. As someone mentioned already, some people don't give their kids enough credit. They're not as stupid as many seem to believe. I'd rather have them grow within a nurturing and loving the environment like the one the OP is trying to accomplish where parents actually get to share their hobbies in quality time, than overprotecting them with stereotypical media nonsense that's arbitrarily imposed on us by a society that couldn't give less of a damn about them or us.
04/28/2016 04:24 AMPosted by KBizzal28
04/28/2016 04:20 AMPosted by Lizzard
Anybody has ideas what's inside that envelope?

It's like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. :)

Say WHAT again, I DARE YOU!
04/26/2016 10:53 PMPosted by BRMCVP
That's by far the best post I have seen on these forums.

+1 OP. Nothing beats spending quality time with your kid while playing a game you enjoy. Cheers!
04/27/2016 08:05 PMPosted by Jade1127
And I resent the pony comment. >>

Whenever I find pony rifts, I call my daughters over to my computer to watch all the fun. They get really mad, but I enjoy it a, that's half bonding at least, right? :)

You're lucky, OP. I can't get my daughters interested in diablo, they prefer ipad games.
I hope you tell her about the real world in a similar matter Syn :D
I'm a 32 year old who grew up playing d1/d2 in my early and late teens. My dad got into it around d2 and plays d3 with me to this day. I used to think my dad was a crazy smart hacker type when he was making the hacked items on open bnet back in like 2000 haha.

You just gotta find something fun and reasonably healthy to enjoy together. I turned out okay, so did my old man.

Good on the OP!
Whatever gets the kid off her cell phone :P
I wonder how Blizz could make this young lady's day? Hmmm... OP did say she likes those pets.
Shhhhh... we won't tell. ;-)

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