I'm in Act V now, STILL short on gold

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As titled suggests.

You'd think that by Act V, one shouldn't have gold issues (I don't remember having this problem in Act V of DII).

One of the causes is combing gems----it takes a lot of gold to turn low quality gems into higher tier ones.

The other reason is monster drops / chest really don't contain all that much gold.

I'm kinda surprised (and a little disappointed). My friends keep telling me I should blitz past story mode and enter adventure mode and rifts; I was hoping to take my time through the story mode and actually enjoy the story as it's my first playthrough, but I wasn't expecting gold to become a obstacle.

Did you all have this issue as well during your story mode playthough?
What do you even need gold for in story mode? You shouldn't be upgrading your pre-Marquise gems, it's not worth the cost.

You should blitz past story mode. Well not blitz past necessarily, but you shouldn't be worried about things like having optimal gems in every slot or spending gold. Just play through it at whatever pace suits and don't worry about how much gold you have. I don't see where it would become an obstacle to continuing through the story.
Money is short to come by early, but once you start to push into torment levels money will just start to slowly stock pile to the point that you will have no real use for it.
Only issue I 'memeber is repairs being to high and struggle to pay BUT that was years ago, I feel that I'm ok on gold (not swimming in it but just OK - Im good with that)

I wouldnt really bother with upgrading gems all that much.
Be happy that you are short on money.

Being short on money in D3 is fun compared to the default of having hundreds of millions and billions of gold sitting there rotting away... and basically nothing fun or interesting to spend it on...
Yeah, you just haven't played the game much yet.

1. get your toon to level 70; stop playing campaign

2. start your session in adventure mode

3. run some bounties, run some rifts.

Doing step 3 (especially during the first 2 weeks of a season) you will eventually kill a goblin that opens a portal to the treasure vault. Kill Greed, get a hoarder gem, stick that in something,

poof! billions and billions of coin....

edit: IF this isn't something you want to do, you do need to ramp up your difficulty setting to T3-4 then to get gold coming in. Anything T1 and under doesn't provide much gold.
^^^^^^thanks guys for the input. I'll be done with story mode very soon, am looking forward to see what the rifts / bountie is all about!
Doesn't gold fall as often as rain in this version of the game?
Depends on difficulty level
When re-rolling are few million bucks a roll and you don't even bat an eye, we sirs, may have an inflation problem.
Gems are really for people min/maxing and can be expensive. Usually I would say only socket the gem level that has dropped but I can see how upgrading all of them is rewarding. Unfortunately you need to stop and enjoy the other loot falling for you. Gems are rarely needed because drops scale to your level. In campaign reaching Malphael before 70 and should be easily accomplished compared to doing greater rifts above your comfort level. Good hunting.

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