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OK this is weird once the game has started the cursor freezes and it looks like I have no mouse control but when I move the mouse in circles items on the page well light up as I move the mouse over them but the cursor is still frozen??? Everything with this mouse works perfectly outside of Diablo but once I start diablo it locks up.

Please post your DXDIAG file (Not the MSInfo) so we can get more information about your computer.

Here's a support article that will show you how to get the DXDIAG:

Obtaining System Files

Once you have the DXDIAG file, open it and copy/paste the entire file into your next reply.
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I have recently updated an hour ago and my mouse won’t move in the main menu... unlike above nothing lights up
I have the same symptom. I play on my iMac Pro. The BattleNet app pushed an update at 4:00pm ET. I now have version running. When Diablo starts and the main menu comes up the mouse cursor freezes.
I have the same problem. After update the mouse cursor dosen't move. I play on MacBook Pro.
My cursor does not move either, and as my computer is iMac, I had a very long conversation with an Apple technical person. It appears that nothing is wrong with my computer, and the Apple tech told me to contact Blizzard. I am not going to prepare DXDIAG, etc. as someone else will be doing that. Please post the solution in your website asap. I played the game this morning without any problem until I loaded a new module of your program.
I have the same problem trying to play on my iMac Retina 5k. Game unplayable after update.
@Blizzard :

This problem has also been reported in the Mac Technical Support forum here:

and in Bug Report forum here:
- and

Edit : no reports on Europe Tech Support forums yet... either in French or English... if the patch hasn't been deployed, can it be delayed until this is sorted out ???
Same to me. Mouse freeze. Macbook Air. How can they release such !@#$ty patch??? Does anyone from Blizzard switched computer on with this patch ONCE before publishing this %^-*? Do you have any !@#$up checkers?
Same issue - Macbook Air. Installed patch. Mouse movement doesn't work. Mouse click seems to work - the cursor was centered on the switch character button and I could click it.
Same issue here on my iMac 16,1 with Mojave.

Noted Mac tech support forum also

system report uploaded to tech support.
Does this workaround work for you ??

12/11/2018 03:32 PMPosted by Smile
Well, I've run diablo in window mode (-w) and changed Display mode to "Windowed(Fullscreen)" and works fine.

The problem exists only in fullscreen mode.
Same issue on my iMac - mouse does work in windowed mode, not in fullscreen.
Same here, seems like a bug in patch On MacOS Mojave, as soon as game loads and it's in a full screen, the mouse cursor doesn't move. It reacts on clicks, but not on movement.

If you go to Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Accessibility and enable it for Diablo III, the cursor starts working again in full screen.

However, this is a bug as it was working without this permission and it should work without it.
The frozen cursor problem seems peculiar to the Apple computers, and Ivan's solution works except brevity of his suggestion confused me at first - perhaps it's because I am a computer novice. The remedial procedure (at least to me) is:
System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy (if not chosen already) -> Click to unlock to make changes (lower left) -> Click Accessibility (left), Diablo (right)
After the changes, one should make sure that the changes are in force by looking at System Preferences again.
Suddenly today I'm experiencing the frozen mouse cursor issue on macOS Majoave 10.14.1, iMac Retina 5K late 2014 model. My trackpad and death adder chroma mouse both work fine outside of diablo3.
Same problem here, running Mojave on MacBook Pro
Same problem here, running Mojave on MacBook
BlizzardCS says "Maintenance has completed for the Americas region. The 8.1 update is now available!" but I don't know how to get the update. It is 10 a.m. on 12/12/2018. And my cursor is still frozen.

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