30-40 hours on Seasons to get stash solo

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I would estimate that it takes 30-40 hours for a competent person to solo Seasons to get their Stash.


It takes 3-4 hours to level a new toon to 70 (even less if you get a power level) - 4 hour mark
It takes another hour to do Torment 2 Izual and clear GR 20 solo - 5 hour mark

At this point you have your 6 piece set, which for some classes is all you need to farm T6+. I know for Barbs you get Raekor, and all you need is the IK Weapon and Belt, and F + R. You can immediately get your cube and start gambling on gear you need

Lets say it takes you another 10 hours (generous amount) to complete your full set - 15 hour mark
[ 6 piece Raekor || F&R || IK Weap and Belt || SS bracer ]


You should have plenty of time to actually go through each achievement. Killing the bosses at X difficulty is easy.

Do mostly all the boss kill achievements once you have your set takes 2-3 hours - 18 hour mark

The hardest part of the stash is the set dungeon and 2 conquests. Some set dungeons are easier than others. I know for barb Raekor set, it took me 5 tries to beat it. It could be one of the easier ones, but it definitely didn't take me very long.

Lets say 2 hours to do the set dungeon. - 20 hour mark


That leaves you a full 20 hours to finish 2 conquests. The easier ones are the following:

- Level 3 gems to lvl 65
- Kill 350 mobs in a Curse Chest event at TX
- Clear a Rift TX in under 2 mins
- Complete GR 75 solo

You'll be leveling gems along the way anyways. Chances are you should be able to solo this part without issues. I did the GR 75 achievement to unlock my stash. Some of the other achievements you could get some help if you really needed it. I know the 350 mobs Curse Chest is done very easily with either a Wizard or a DH in Act 1. You could even get help leveling your gems if you need it.

The point is that given an estimation of 40 hours (solo) to get your stash for seasons, people are still complaining. You have 3 months to do it. Get to it!
Started solo, but, needed a hand on my second conquest. 75 solo wasn't going as fast I wanted, so a group of friends and I destroyed a TX rift in 97 seconds.
Took me 9 hours to reach 70 and 50 hours total to get the stash True Solo.
It took me just under 45 hours to complete the Season Journey including Guardian and doing all non-hardcore Conquests. I played solo except for bounties and regular rifts, which I did in public games most of the time. I did join specific groups for the 2 minute rift and the boss mode Conquests, though I also completed a rift in a public game in under 2 minutes.

The best place to get over 350 kills at a cursed chest event is the Cursed Peat in Act 5.
Gems and Chest are easiest, I would advice to not even try the 2 min rift, 20 min boss kills or Grift 75 - they are hardly doable for a casual player that is solo.

I am not a bad player and have a lot of experience with gaming, but even for me Grift 75 on my Monk is not achievable right now. 68 I could do and I think 70 is in there too, but five more seems impossible.

I know some Monks did it, but those are probably some power gamers.

The Grift conquest last season, was a walk in the park though, this season its brutal. Chest conquest is easily doable at A2 or A5 and the 65 gems are easy as well.
Inna Set Dungeon mastery will probably be the hardest for me, and I have to farm specific gear. I need a large amount of CDR. I'd like to have the Ice Climbers so I can kill the purples easier. Having to nerf my damage so the initial contact with the mobs does not kill them, while keeping DPS up enough to kill the purples is a challenge.

This is what is taking the longest. Rerolling duplicate gear, getting mats to reroll/cube gear, farming more gear just to get my CDR to a point where I can actually fire off the Mystic Ally quickly enough for that part of the requirements. This is taking far longer than 10 hours. But I'm getting there.

Everything else is probably doable with groups and grinding. I've enjoyed most of the season, but the Set Dungeons are not enjoyable for me. I'm glad others are having more success and fun.
lol I got mine in 21 hours
Three gems to 65 is doable but they rest of the conquests are pretty hard on casuals.
I did it pure solo in under 30 hours. About 29 hours and 30 minutes actually. Maybe I'm somewhat more than competent, I dunno, but I picked my objectives, planned out how I would achieve them, and focused on getting them done. It was quite fun too, a nice change of pace from playing my NS character who very rarely gets a real upgrade.

And just to add - GR 75 is absolutely doable for a smart casual. You just have to make sure you pick an appropriate build and gear it properly.

And one more thing - you don't have to master the set dungeon of the Haedrig's Gift set. You can do any dungeon and every class has at least one easy to master set dungeon. Tal Rasha is a joke once you know how to avoid the rockworms.
It took me about 30 hrs, mostly solo. It's not the time that bothers me, it's being told what to do.

Regrind the same gem levels.
Regrind the same keys.
Regrind the same materials.

Basically, redo everything that currently sits in my NS stash. Pointless regrind.

This season was better as I avoided a lot of regrind. I only cubed like... 6 items. I barely did any bounties which was a time saver. I also got lucky on my hellfire amulet and did no farming there. A bulk of my time came from solo grinding my way up to 3 lvl 65 gems.

Anyway. My chores are done and now I can go back to enjoying the game in my own way.
I thought Boss Mode was one of the easier ones, but then it depends on your class. Last season I did it with WW barb; this season I did it again with Condemn sader (using swiftmount to travel), both solo.

Wizard with AW and DH with danetta's might be able to do the boss mode.
I would agree with the 30-40hrs for a 100% solo player to get the stash tab.

I did it in 18hrs. Only thing i had help with was getting leveled (both sc and hc). Everything else was solo on a DH. I didnt even pick up loot or shards after the rifts while being leveled. Those power levels saved me at least 10 hours. Everything else was easy but I'm fairly knowledgeable with the DH so Im not wasting time looking up builds or figuring out builds and I know what gear to go for first. Also imo the DH is easy mode for season 6 journey. Marauder set dungeon is easy to master and the M6 Chakram build is very good for doing the Curses! conquest. And the UE set is very strong for t10 speed runs. I was able to get the Speed Demon conquest done solo.
^ downvotes incoming
Took me ~37 hours to do whole season journey. Speed demon was done in group and someone power leveled me in HC. Can't say I did this solo since I joined pubs for Nephalem rifts but.... Everyone has access to that just join a game. Easy peasy lemon squeezy
Im mostly playing solo, doing non-season and I didnt reach grift 60 there with tons of playtime there. Yesterday a friend took me into season, pushed me to lvl70 only to realize that my favourite class will take ages to get me to the stash.

I dont mind earning the reward, its just that players that avoid the season have to grind the season harder than non-season to get it. The gems alon take 57 grifts... Thats like a week of season playing for me. The stash space should be available after the first four chapters or something like that. Something that doesnt require endless grinding for something essential as stash space.

Thats why I despise season. You dont choose your goals, you are forced to play someone elses grind game to get stash space.

Think I used 49 hours to get stash solo doing 350+ from chest and level 65 gems conquests.

Wasn't trying for shortest possible time, so probably used some of the just idling, helping to boost a friend to 70 and some other stuff that could easily be skipped.
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Three gems to 65 is doable but they rest of the conquests are pretty hard on casuals.

But you don't need to do it solo. The conquests are actually easy with a average party.
It doesn't matter if it takes 5 hours or 50 hours. You can never satisfy this community as a whole.

I already think season is full casual with the free set. And it's super easy to get rolling. But there is those people that say omg so much to do so little time. This is hard or that is hard make it easier.

Then we have those omg xmog wings why should we grind for it in a grind endless game omg blizzard nerf.

There are things I wish they changed and all. But I already play this game with one hand. And majority of the time just right clicking. This game is easy. Its not even hard to complete the stash tab. You can most likely do it in about 10 hours now as long as you have a friend on seasons.
It took me 40 hours total to get Guardian done.

About 34 hours on SC Crusader with just a dozen of public bounty runs, a few GR65 runs to finish up the gem conquest and 2 min TX rift conquest that were done in a party, all else was done purely solo. The 3rd conquest I did for Guardian was solo GR75.

Then another 6 hours (I played at a rather relaxed pace) to level a HC barb to lv70.
100 hours in, still dont have stash :)

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