Rings to cube for Inna/Mystica Ally build??


I'm running an Inna/Mystic Ally build. When running solo, I use Unity in my cube with my follower, but I don't know what to use when running in pub/group grifts & rifts.

I have Band of the Rue Chambers cubed for now, but am wondering if there are other options.

Any tips?
Zodiac is pretty fun, it helps reset your allies and dash really quick.
Hmmm...good idea. I'll try that.

What do you think about Broken Promises or Arcstone? Or Bul-Kathos? Actually, I'm not even sure I can cube those, but from an effect standpoint, those seem like they could be useful.
if you're farming T10 cube avarice band

if you're pushing higher GRs cube unity and put a unity ring + immortality relic on follower

as for equipping on you since you're already wearing EW set (which is good) I second the recommendation of using zodiac ring on the other slot, spamming cyclone strike in an inna pet build (which I assume is what you are) puts the ring to good use to greatly reduce cooldown on mystic ally and epiphany
Cool, I'll try the avarice band option as well. Thanks!
dont use unity in cube, it doesnt have %dmg against elites, change it with coe.

so basically you wear unity and a set ring (traveler's pledge set) when you do solo. and when you do groups, you change unity with obsidian ring.

band of rue chambers wont help you much since you have mystic allies skill that can boost your spirit up.

btw, inna/mystic ally sucks with group, it's better to do solo, you should consider to do 5inna/2raiment/shenlong+RoRG cus this build is purely generator, so that you dont need to apply EP and wait for your coe to activate your mystic ally.
nah the inna pet (mystic ally) build is just fine with groups

you mash your cyclone strike key (since you have nothing else to use spirit on) to bring all the mobs to you, leaving none for your other party members :)
Compass Rose

Solo: Unity/CoE (wear whichever is better, cube the worse one, generally the CoE is worse since you need 190% or more for it to be worth not cubing)

Groups: Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac/CoE (same as above, usually cubing CoE unless it's insanely good, though since ORotZ doesn't roll with any damage stats besides IAS, this is subjective and you can cube/wear either.)

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