This game is ruined. lol.

I have a Hammer Crusader that maxes out at Grift 81 at lvl 850 Paragon with THE BEST GEAR A HAMMER CRUSADER CAN POSSIBLY ASK FOR, AND HIGH CALDESSAN'S ENCHANTS ON ALL ANCIENT GEAR PIECES. IT IS JUST FLAWLESS. The build is flawless, and yet Blizzard has deemed that I have wasted all my time, because LoN build can have LITERALLY HALF the gear and stats I have, but is more effective because of various cube/gear/skill variations the build can have. You have FORCED a Hammer Crusader player to put more time, and have more skill at their class, yet we will NEVER be as viable as your TYPICAL, DIME-A-DOZEN META LoN Bomb saders. This is why I finally QUIT this game, after realizing, Blizzard, that you are completely incapable of delivering a decent, well-rounded Diablo game. YOU HAVE SPIT IN THE FACE OF THE ENTIRE DIABLO FRANCHISE. I am too disgusted to continue. Have a nice day, you failures.
Your gear doesn't look that great.
pretty sweet rage post here, but id bet if you ran unity instead of CoE you could push higher.
05/22/2016 10:12 AMPosted by Trikalicious
pretty sweet rage post here, but id bet if you ran unity instead of CoE you could push higher.

Mmmm...doubtful. At that point, you're fighting as much for maximum damage as you are not to get 1-shot.
If you're taking about Sade you haven't even begun maxing out your Gems yet.
Hate to tell you but your gear really isn't that end game gear yet. Lots of your slots have room for improvement
Regardless of how far from perfect his gear is, he has a point. LoN vs sets is ridiculous. On one hand, they are easier to build to a functional level, but every set is a million times more challenging to play than that comatose crap.

I could get as high as 86, one-keyed everything though, no fishing, also no 100+ gems from multiplayer. If you want to check the gear, it is the nonseasonal one.

On your gear, rolling things like rcr on shoulders, all res on shield, life/kill! on pants, using pain enhancer, etc, there are serious mistakes. Your only item that is ideal is the belt...

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