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Steffon's Heavy Lance

I've been trying to figure out where this cosmetic item has been hidden since joining the PTR after last season's end. I mostly play Doc and the lance happens to be the only 2.4.1 weapon transmog that ceremonial knives can be changed into IIRC. I've read posts claiming that the last few still hidden items are most likely within "Mysterious Barrels" or "Resplendent Barrels". The same data-mined information also includes "...a3..." in the texture(?) file name, leading people to believe the barrels are in one of the Keep levels in Act 3. Tons of barrels there. However, none of that info confirms any relation between the actual weapon and the barrels so I tried looking elsewhere.

"The great knight-paladin Steffon's weapon of choice was a stout steel lance, shorter than a jousting lance, that he would use on foot as well as from horseback."

The above quote is the weapon's flavor text. The text got me interested in the lore of the Diablo and gave me hope that there may be some clues as to where they potentially hid the lance in-game. Keep in mind the cosmetic items are "white-named" so the text may have been removed and not be valid anymore.

The mention of jousting in the flavor text reminded me of Blackthorne's set. Based on what I've read from the items and similar lore, it seems like Steffon and Blackthorne may have both fought as allies in defense of Westmarch in the war against King Leoric. Some of Blackthorne's soldiers may have fought with jousting lances while on horseback, supposedly the same way Steffon operated. Blackthorne's chest piece flavor text is below.
"Baron Blackthorne led his knights to prevent the escape of King Leoric's forces during their defeat against Westmarch, forcing them to choose between surrender and death in the quagmire."

He "led his knights". It states that Steffon was a "Knight-Paladin".
"A thick leather belt, notched once for each enemy noble captured in battle, each man ransomed back to his family for a handsome fee."

Quoted above, his belt mentions some sketchy activity. Rather than soldiers of Westmarch, both may have been within their own faction of mercenaries, benefiting from spoils of war.

Anyways, I'm guessing Steffon was a citizen of Westmarch and fought in the war against Leoric's forces. He could of left his heavy lance behind in the "quagmire" - the same area where Leoric's fleeing army was intercepted by the Baron.

Blackthorne and Steffon may even be the same person - Baron Steffon Blackthorne?

I couldn't find the name of the area where the battle between Westmarch and Leoric's army took place. However, my buddy google mentioned the quagmire may be the present in-game Blood Marsh.
"What was once a verdant wetland has quickly evolved into a repugnant quagmire that grows less habitable by the day."

Blah blah blah I spent way too much time thinking about this. I'm hoping this thread leads someone to the cosmetic spear. If anything this killed a ton of downtime for me while waiting for something to happen at work. GG

tl;dr - I'm thinking the one handed spear cosmetic item released in 2.4.1 is in Blood Marsh or its bordering zones within Act 5 rather than in Act 3.

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