Tal Rasha's Set Bonus

Hey all, so I've been playing a single cast build with disintegrate, the source that also casts another ability while channeling disintegrate, familiar, and storm armor.

This build casts all of the meteors very frequently so it was very effective on T8 and lower. However, I noticed that even though the meteors all cast, the stacks of the elemental damage do not build up. Only the one from my main attack adds to the stacks, not any other element that hits the enemy. The set says "attacks increase your damage" but it doesn't seem to apply to attacks that you don't personally cast.

Is this intended or a bug?
Etched sigil doesn't actually give you the toughness bonus or the offensive bonus of Tal's.

On top of that passive skills that damage (familiar, MW:Ignite, etc...) also do not give stacks...

Needs to be 4 different CASTED skills to get Tal stacks.

That's why EB, FN:FM, and TP Calamity with AW are usually stable in tal builds.... 2 off "the GCD" as an ex WoW player would say, and you can use the TP for your arcane spell while moving around, meaning your 1 offensive spell (if channel probably Disintegrate or AT:SD) can be spammed for the dmg boost
There's a huge bug with disintegrate. When you kill monsters with disintegrate the wizard still says: "your grave awaits".

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