Quin69's Raiments build?

Is this still viable post PTR? I played monk season 4, and it was fun, so I'm thinking of rebirthing my NS Monk. If it is viable, then it would be very efficient to use for bounties, much more than my Wizard.

It is VERY good for bounties. It is the fastest build in the game. It has some pretty steep gear requirements though. You need a lot of RCR and CDR to allow you infinite dash. Fleshrake is impressive against elites. If you like the R6 playstyle then by all means, enjoy. I for one can't stand Raiment dash builds.
Thank you for confirmation. I love speed builds. WW Barbarian, Teleport Wiz, and Vault DH. So I saw the build, and it looked awesome. I have a 20%/30% Ancient Cindercoat, but it was found on my Wiz so it runs Intelligence. And it didn't roll sockets, so I'd have to reroll it. I'm confident I can work with it though
There is a new dash build for 2.4.1 quin did which is for bounties, it's honestly useless for even t10 rifts and isn't that good at t10 bounties until you can gear it up very high, I'd say don't bother until your paragon 600 minimum, 800+ it starts to work well.

There is another build for GR that's totally different and doesn't cross correlate, by that I mean the gr build doesn't work in t10.

Check diablofans there's a number of builds.

Sunwuko is highly versatile and can be quickly swapped from bounty to rift to grift with just a few part and skill swaps, it's cheaper, easier and just as effective just a touch slower in bountys.
That's what I seemed to notice when I was with a friend trying to gear up my monk pay last night. He was running SWK in TX and was shotting everything. Should I just go SWK for speeds instead of Raiments then?

Is there a video online for the Bounty and TX Speeds with SWK?

Ok On another note, for the sake of leveling, if someone is kind enough to link a video for the ZMonk build, that would be appreciated too.
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Sunwuko is highly versatile and can be quickly swapped from bounty to rift to grift with just a few part and skill swaps, it's cheaper, easier and just as effective just a touch slower in bountys


Sunwoko WoL with minor adjustments is nicer than the "perma-Dash" build.
Just swap around 3 items and 1-2 gems when choosing between Rifts and Bounties, with a much clearer efficiency.
Quin has the build for one punch monk v2 just lookup that on YouTube.

You can vary his build once you have some paragon and ancient gear to make it more user friendly such as chucking envious blade for vengeful wind. You'll have to make the most of elites in bountys with sunwuko for the ingeom proc to keep you dashing, without torch and cindercoat in the cube your rcr becomes very low and you'll need every spirit regen you can find to keep wave of light spam going.

I first tried the dash build about paragon 250 and it was useless over T7 and was squishy. I'm going to try it again soon though.
I have a Cinder, and an incense, but should I use incense in cube over Ingeom or Envious? And shouldn't I put Nems in cube over Cinder? It's these extra little parts that have me confused, because I have the items to use in cube, I just don't know which two are guaranteed equipped and what goes in cube.
my sunwoko monk with pretty crappy ancient gear and a few augments with crappy paragon level can consistently do T10 rifts in ~ 3 minutes (with avarice band)

I click one button and the screen pretty much explodes then i take a second to pick up the gear and on to the next screen

not sure what the point is trying to go a bit faster if you can't even pick up the crap you get from kills and are constantly searching for elites ?

sunwoko WoL seems like the speed build, and ya swap a few pieces + passives and you're good to go for pushing GRs

as for bounties they are agonizing no matter what spec you play
Thanks. I'm gonna work on getting up SWK instead of Raiments then. Seems the appropriate option
So there is many specs for sunwuko weapon arrangement.

One punch or t10/bountys
In geom, kyoshiros and envious at low paragon or crap gear
Wear your highest damage or best rolls then cube the remainder. (It's likely in geom will roll best damage soonest)
Check your kyoshiros has at least 220% roll on the wol damage otherwise cube for full 250%

Higher paragon or good gear swap envious for vengeful wind so you don't need to be so careful not to let monsters touch you for fear of dropping all sweeping wind stacks (at which point you have no dps and no damage reduction normally resulting in death).

In the cube your not using torch, in armor use pylon bracers or if your struggling to keep your spirit use cindercoat.

For gr,
Lower quality gear it's usually better to cube kyoshiros and run the torch, then cube cindercoat.

If you get a good ancient kyoshiros then run with that and either vengeful wind for more sweeping stacks if your struggling to keep them up or for more survivability use crystal fist, my preference is vengeful wind.

You'll run torch and cindercoat in cube with dual wield.
How come no one has mentioned the bosses with this build?

I can do all of em except maltheal cuz of the cold cloud he spawns on you in the 2nd phase, no matter how fast i press serenity its just instant death
Why not skip it then ? Assumed you do in a group. For me, raiment build is a hard build to put up for actual use, harder to gear than LoN if you are saying. SWK is fine, but I use LoN WoL (one punch monk V1) I build in 2.4.0, work splendid, except not one hitting tough monster or elite (unless crit hit).

If you have no such gear, SWK still the best thing to go for, because of its versatile for TX rift, speed GR and push GR, not to mention good bounty speed (not excellent though).
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Is there a video online for the Bounty and TX Speeds with SWK?

There is a link in Quinns video for this thread, it's VERY effective, most of the time, I just follow the fire trail, because I don't see enemies anymore!

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