A Diablo 4 Concept.

Lore and Story
A Diablo 4 Concept by Stewart Berk.

Stay awhile and listen…

With the loss of 3 of the Angiris council, and the destruction of the last soulstone, and with it the final prime evil, neither the High Heavens, nor the Seven Hells can mount an offensive any longer. An unspoken cessation has arrived to the Eternal Conflict. The realm of Sanctuary is left in peace.

Thousands of years pass. The people of Sanctuary evolve. Technology advances. The Great War and the birth of the Nephalem become myth. However, magic and the power of faith remain.

In this new age, the darkness of the past clings to society. While much of the wilds have been tamed, the gothic architecture remains and the skyscrapers are covered with gargoyles, and torches burn throughout the night. While electricity is commonplace, fire is seen as the only security against evil.

Four groups govern this new society crouched on an old land. Monks, Mages, Militants, and Mystics. Each has 2 seats on the grand council. Their number is broken by a deciding vote, a man known only as, The Justice.

Monks have embraced technology as their religion and built a cult of the machine. They augment themselves with combat tech, going so far as to replace their extremities with robotic limbs. Their goal is to become a living weapon, and they utilize no firearms. They have also developed advanced medical machines in tandem with their augments. They often hold positions of authority in hospitals. All monks, regardless of gender, shave their heads. Through the augmentation process they make their facial features more uniform, and adjust their height and build to conform to what they refer to as the "optimum standards."

Mages are the most secretive of the four. For thousands of years their art had been seen as the cause of the great cataclysm, the details lost to time. In these times they practice 2 forms of magic. Arcane and Necromancy. Neither school is looked on with favor, though both have their uses. They practice in secret and are rarely seen in public.

Mages who practice the arcane arts are usually tan, due to their exposure to heat and cold. Those who practice necromancy are marked by their pallor and sunken eyes. Spending that much time below ground takes its toll.

Militants are responsible for law and order. Their twin orders report directly to The Justice. Members of the first order, known as The Watchers, are uniformly tall and thin. They specialize in reconnaissance and long range engagement. They are ranged weapons experts and masters with both rifles and hand guns. Members of the second order, known as The Hammers, resemble their hallmark weapons. All are as wide as they are tall, and heavy in the arms. They carry heavy electrified hammers and sometimes force shields as well. Between these two orders, law is upheld through rapid deployment by motorcycle, and less common heavy raids.

Mystics are the last naturalists on sanctuary. They grow food for the city populous and raise animals. They are well respected, for without their help, the natural resources of Sanctuary would have dried up long ago. However, those closest to them know greater secrets. They are able to influence the weather, and speak directly to beasts. Descendants, of the Umbaru tribes and the historical Empire of Kehjistan, the mystics are shorter than the other factions and darker in complexion. They are almost always accompanied by an animal companion, and some say they can even take the forms of their chosen animals.

While the four factions occasionally disagree, a greater peace has held for as long as modern memory reaches. But recently dark rumors have begun to spread of underground cults that speak to beings thought lost to time. Tensions are running high. There have been strange sightings in the wilderness, and odd lights in the sky…

The Justice is asleep. His suite in the primary tower of the headquarters of the Militant order is cool. A wind moves the curtains from the open door to his balcony. Despite the breeze, he wakes with a sheen of sweat covering his dark skin. He shakes his head behind his mask of office. His almost mortal dreams have been disturbed of late. He leans over the edge of his bed. His rooms could be described as spartan, plain even. He taps the side of his mask to acknowledge his messages. He stands up wearing only a pair of loose fitting sweatpants and thousands of scars. The mask, a graven image of a skull, tinged gold as if once gilded, is held to his shaved head with a ceremonial red band of silk covering the eye lenses. Justice must be blind.
He walks towards the curtains, moving in the breeze. He stands on his open balcony, looking out across the Militant’s campus, and beyond. Past the sprawling city and out towards the water. How long had he observed the world changing through the lenses of that mask? How long since it had been nothing other than a mask? No communications integration or image overlays. Just a gold skull to cover, what back then, was his too recognizable features. He shakes his head again and walks out onto the balcony.

The breeze feels good on his exposed torso. It has been too hot as of late. There is a pressure in the air, as if the whole world was waiting for a storm to break. From his balcony, he can see out over the Gulf of Westmarch. Storm clouds gather like a bruise on the sky. Lightning flickers across the clouds, illuminating the docks. Another light flickers behind him, softer than the lightning out to sea.

He turns around quickly, drawing one of his many concealed side arms and pointing it in the intruder’s direction. Who he sees however, stops him before he manages to raise the weapon into position. An angelic figure floats softly in his chambers on lightly glowing gossamer wings. The embodiment of hope speaks with a soft voice. “Well met brother.”

“Auriel,” The Justice acknowledges her with a nod. “I have not been your brother for a very long time.” “Really?” the Archangel of Hope replies. “You retained your seat on the Council, even though you took it upon yourself to become… mortal.”

“A seat I never utilized after the conflict wound down to a point where Sanctuary wasn’t a constant battle ground.” The Justice replied, a note of frustration in his voice. He walked purposely towards his desk placed his side arm next to his lamp. Switching on the light he admitted something to the archangel he had never admitted to anyone save one man, a man he believed to be long dead. “And in truth, I am not a mortal. I am not a Nephalem. I don’t know what I am, in fact.”

The archangel alighted on the floor and her light seemed to diminish a bit. She walked over to the other side of the desk. There was a terminal inset into the surface. At her movement, the terminal projected the icon of the orders into the air above the table’s surface. She waved her gauntlet through the image. “What wonders the mortals have made in our absence,” she marveled. “This is not magic?”
“No.” he replied. “It is science. Technology they call it.”
“Interesting.” she mused, hesitant to continue.

“Out with it Auriel!” demanded The Justice. “While I am not mortal, I no longer have the patience I once possessed. What are you doing here?”
She paused, and her hood moved in the breeze. It reminded him of the curtains moving before the storm. “Tyrael.” Her mention of his true name came with a note of formality and as a declaration. “We believe the Eternal Conflict will be returning to Sanctuary again.”

His hand twitched to the sidearm on the desk next to him. “Why now? What could you possibly want from us?” He slammed his fist on the desk.
“The magic wielded now is so weak there is no need to return to this world! Their blood so diluted that even those most base of the denizens wouldn’t gain anything from it.”

“It is not our doing.” she replied defensively. “There are relics that remain here. Buried deep. The very land resonates with the remaining power of the Worldstone.”

“But why? Why now? What has changed that the conflict returns?” Tyrael asked, anger seething in his voice.

“While we rebuilt the High Heavens, and reformed the council after The Reaper’s betrayal, the denizens of the Burning Hells had time to recover as well.” Auriel moved towards the balcony Tyrael had been standing on. She looked out across the capitol city and when she spoke next, even her voice seemed to lose hope. “There are new Prime Evils, and they want what they have always wanted. Hatred, Terror, and Destruction.”

Tyrael’s communicator beeped and a red light appeared on his right eye lens. A Primary Level Alert. Just then he felt a rumble through the floor as he rejoined Auriel on the balcony. As he looked out towards the mountains, near the great forests, he saw a dark red glow on the horizon. And as he looked up, white stars began to fall towards the mountains as well.

Tyrael spoke a command into his mask’s microphone as he turned around and one wall of his chambers opened to reveal his armory. The lights came on and his power armor was revealed. As he walked into his armory, he ejected the magazine of his side arm and checked the load. With practiced precision, he replaced the magazine, racked the slide and thumbed off the safety.

Just then, the city’s sirens started to wail. At the sound, Al’maiesh, the Cord of Hope, materialized in her hands and she inclined her hood towards the pistol in his hands. “That will not be enough brother, were you foolish enough to lay down your sword?”
Ewwww no. Could be good game but not for Diablo.
uhhhh. nope.
Very interesting but it is difficult to see Diablo in a modern setting.
As said, cool indeed, could be a great game, but for Diablo? No thanks. It should always stay medieval.

Now when i think about it, it sounds like Hellgate: London... And that game was soooo sheit.
Anyone remember Hellgate London? Sounds somehow like it
06/02/2016 11:56 PMPosted by Rob64
Anyone remember Hellgate London? Sounds somehow like it

Haha, i JUST edited my post to add that ^^
and why should it always stays medieval ? They could evolve...
Interesting not sure how I feel about Diablo in a modern setting though. Some of the idea's were neat such as Tyrael becoming more like Imperius as time passes.
Honestly this sounds....interesting. but the idea of adding firearms to diablo shut the whole idea down. Last thing we need is to start nuking heaven and hell
Ain't this Overwatch
Sounds interesting... but not for Diablo. :)
Cool idea certainly but for Diablo IV I'd prefer a shorter time skip, say less than a hundred years.
Maybe some basic black powder firearms are on the scene and some basic steam engines for powering LARGE devices. (Nothing usable in a fight.)
Please leave the Power Armor, Eye Implants and most notably the Adeptus Mechanicus in Warhammer 40k where it belongs. I do not want to see Tyreal with a gun, guns ruin so much of the game's mystique when not handled with extreme care and design deliberation.
As a piece of creative writing and core story concept for a game it's a great piece of work, however, like many I don't feel it really works within the whole Diablo Universe ethos.
Create your own world and characters and you could be on to something but it doesn't really work for me.
Awesome story and nicely written. I personally don't like it when game franchise's re-invent the world they're born in. Look at Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Maybe not the best example, but they went too far away from their roots for me to be a fan of the concept. They should have just repackaged it as a new series.
very well written story, but yeah, sounds like Hellgate: London. I don't think guns would work in a Diablo setting, but I could see steam engines for large machines but that is about it.
06/03/2016 06:01 AMPosted by Nikobug
very well written story, but yeah, sounds like Hellgate: London. I don't think guns would work in a Diablo setting, but I could see steam engines for large machines but that is about it.
And here is Torchlight
Technology heh? This reminds me of when D3 was still not a thing, i tried to imagine a Cyborg Diablo with laser guns and everything, lol.
I like it- seems strange for part of the Diablo franchise,but its very interesting. If you decide to develop this further and want input, I'd be happy to help. I'm the lead writer for an indie game Dev group.

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