Video - 2.4.1 Helltooth Sacrafice 100+ group

Witch Doctor
The build -

I'll start by saying that I didn't find this build. If it exists already i apologize and do not mean to take anyone's credit.

I successfully did a level 100 GR tonight with this build with 3 minutes to spare. i'm a paragon 1795 witch doctor so it's possible to go much higher.

Just a quick explanation..... the idea is to use a support barb with ground stomp in the group for globe production. Also use support monk and support witch doctor but those options can be changed.

The main thing i changed today was instead of using piranhas i changed to grasp of the dead to summon more zombie dogs. The increase in dog production maintains 5 stacks of provoke much more often for a big damage bonus.

I'll try to fill in more of the build information when i can. Please feel free to comment and / or make suggestions.

Edit: Here is the video of a 102 clear that my monk friend made. he mistakenly stopped recording at the start so we lost the first 45 seconds of the video, give or take a few seconds, but the rest is there. Enjoy!
I was using similar build (Homonoculos + sacrifice:provoke) on my NS LoN during last season (that thread probably still exist somewhere :) ).

Actually, I was surprised why it is used so rarely, considering the fact that provoke damage stacks. I was able to maintain 3 stacks of provoke during the rift, which should gain 60% damage increase.

As you said, good for group, not so ideal for solo, you have to sacrifice defense from mojo and skill slot.

Will give it a try with "new" 2.4.1 HT, thanks for reminder :)
edit - just saw swamp pants reworked: Sacrifice deals 300–400% additional damage against enemies affected by Locust Swarm or Grasp of the Dead.

It is 4000+ dmg X LoN bonus, 12 yards AoE, and it's free.

Will try it with my LoN and sacrifice, once I find ancient one :)

edit no2. - op, did you try high gr with homunocolus? When mobs don't get instakilled, and during RG fights, homun could produce more reliable source of dogs.
Yes, I did do the high GR with both Humonculus and Grasp of the dead for maximum amount of zombie diogs.

What I found was that WITHOUT using the grasp of the dead skill. for extra zombie dogs, stacks of provoke were mostly maintained at two and three briefly for a second. WITH using grasp of the dead stacks reached and maintained at 5 stacks of provoke fairly often.

As I stated, the build is meant for group play and best with barb bringing in many mobs. It really shines on a GR with great density.

I'm very interested in your LoN build. I wonder if it can compete with helltooth so let me know how it goes on your test.
Would be cool to see season 7 metas with a witch doctor as main damage dealer for group play for a change :)
interesting build! please do share your gameplay videos if any! will be watching this thread :D
I'm not running any game videos sadly. I don't have a very good computer and my latency isn't the best either.

I've done up to GR 101, and working on 102 GR.

Thanks for feedback!
this is crazy.. and we wont be able to see how u do it! :(
I did a 103 GR with two minutes to spare with my build. I will try to get 105 but it could take a while.
Are you guys doing this on ptr or live/seasons server?

Edit, ahh didnt look at the post date.
this was done live servers
My friend made a recording today of a 102 clear on his monk. Sorry I haven't made my own video. When he posts you can see how it works from the monk perspective.
Video up now from monk perspective:
Hello Interesting build! I was trying Zuni with sacrifice, but it hits like wet noodles. Anyway, do you Think tall mans finger will have a big impact on this? 1 big dog exploding or Little ones better?
Good to see some diversity
07/02/2016 05:36 AMPosted by HubbaSnubba
Hello Interesting build! I was trying Zuni with sacrifice, but it hits like wet noodles. Anyway, do you Think tall mans finger will have a big impact on this? 1 big dog exploding or Little ones better?

If you are using the dog as a damage dealer then the big dog does more damage, but if you using the dog to buff gargs then use individual dogs.
Tonight I finally did a 105 clear with 1:59 seconds to spare. Probably not going to push anymore than that but it's possible to get higher I think. My gear is near perfect now.

I should be doing great damage when 2.4.2 rolls out. Very excited for the patch release.

This build will work in 2.4.2 now that ring of emptyness is no longer usable with pets.
That was awesome. Never actually watched a high level group before. That was crazy. xD

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