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06/07/2016 04:32 PMPosted by b0dyc0unt
Just saw that he has retired from the gaming industry....Shame he couldn't have retired prior to D3 releasing and maybe the game would have went a better direction than what it did.

Why don´t you start your own game company and show us all that you´re doing it better than Jay?
Yes, Vanilla D3 was not in a very good place. But the team still did an amazing job with the artwork, the storytelling and the CGI. I feel bad for Jay Wilson because I´m pretty sure he doesn´t deserve all this bashing. That was not a one man job.
06/07/2016 06:48 PMPosted by MissCheetah
06/07/2016 06:30 PMPosted by jtcdgroup

Agree the combat system is the best in any ARPG today, but their decision to throw out the D2 skill system (not skill trees but skill allocation points to boost a skill damage) and revamp itemisation was a major blunder in my books.

Agreed on both points. However, I don't think the skill tree change was his doing. WoW started with the D2 skill tree model but they found that it was really an illusion of choice - that certain builds were the best and everyone looked those up and used them.

They went to a system that had talent types with the idea that you have an AOE, a stun, a main DPS, a finisher, etc. But within that you could select from a variety of skills that served the same function. You could modify them with Glpyhs. The idea being you could pick the style skills you want while achieving the same functions.

Along came D3 and they went with the same system although I don't know how long D3 was in development and if the idea started with the D3 team or not.

The bottom line is though that removing the D2 style skill trees did NOT increase build diversity. It still results in people looking up the top specs and builds. Only now instead of controlling it with points, we control it with RNG gear drops :/

If the goal was to make it more accessible and increase guild diversity, it did not happen. More importantly, it took away the feeling of really building a character by allocating points as we leveled. Paragon tried to help with that but because it does not impact our core skills it does not provide the same satisfaction.

They seem to realize this and at least in WoW are going back to the concept of "class fantasy" where you really identify with the char (duh RPG) and have the ability to customize skill powers in a tree form - the new weapon system.

We shall see where it goes and if that ever migrates back to D3 or not.

All that said, one Dev did not make all the decisions then, nor do they now. I wish Jay well in his career and even directly sent him a note. He is, if nothing else, passionate about what he does. I don't have to agree with the direction his passions took him in D3, but I can at least respect him.

W/r to the skill system. The largest error that I see is the one that does not seem to be directly addressed and that is the psychological void that was created when the skill trees were stripped away. Illusion of choice is an interesting term considering that this whole game is an illusion of life. The primary purpose of the character skill trees and attributes is to help define the illusion of the character. Without it the character is a meaningless mannequin. What does it do to an aRPG to have a character that is 100% totally meaningless? Yeah, playing the game might be fun for a time but there is no attachment.

That, imo, is the greatest failure of the vanilla dev team. It is a shame that Jay became the whipping boy for everything that ever went wrong with the game but I personally will not look kindly on those that were devs and let the soul of the character get edited out of the game. And I am willing to bet that if you really dug deep into the reasons for the harshest criticisms of this game that this would be a driving force for a lot of people.

Good luck to Jay. Hopefully his next path in life gets even better.
I do not doubt Mr. Wilson´s passion for develeloping D3 Vanila and can understand most design decisions at the time. Some of them were rather excellent, but are not talked about that much as the poor ones.

At that time many design descisions linked to progress, itemization and AH made sense to me and looked good on paper, but in the long run proved to be contra-productive and difficult to accept for the broad playerbase. For example things like smart loot should have been right there from the start, Inferno should´t have been that difficult and AH shouldn´have been mandatory for progress.

Seems to me like they did some white box testing pre-release, but neglected the black box part of it. However with such a rather complex game, the black box part may eventually only be exposed by the broad mass of players after a while. Making D3 better is a learning curve and needs a lot of iteration to be done.

Thank you Mr. Wilson for the work and passion you put into the game and wish you all the best for the future !
Diablo 3 wasn't immediately what I thought it would be, but I haven't played it for somewhere near 3000 hours now because of Diablo 2. I loved Vanilla and still miss some parts of it.

I think Jay Wilson did a good job with one of the toughest tasks ever - following up one of the best games of all time.

Could we all do that? I mean if he just copied everything in Diablo 2 would we have not comlpained about that?

And the game sold 30 million copies, and a lot of expansion copies as well. So he did some stuff right.
06/07/2016 05:46 PMPosted by Nevalistis
Feel free to leave your thoughts about Jay's work and farewells here, as long as they remain respectful. It's okay to be critical, but it's possible to be critical while remaining respectful. What we won't tolerate is commentary on Jay's character or direct harassment. Jay is a colleague, friend, and human being, and deserves to be treated kindly like any other member of our community.

You should tell that to Jay, not us.
06/08/2016 07:57 AMPosted by xDUMPWEEDx
You should tell that to Jay, not us.

I was here back when he was active on these forums. He was rude and disrespectful to the fans, to the Diablo franchise and flat-out mocked us openly about it.
You think so many people here on the forums just magically hate his guts for no particular reason?

I'll end with that, in the spirit of keeping it somewhat respectful.
Random I stayed up too long thoughts

I loved vanilla d3, though I did love d2: LoD more.. There were some decisions I didnt agree with (majority of that could center around 1.0.3), but there were many changes made before Jay left that were beneficial to the game. I dunno there were promises made that werent kept and that never makes people happy.

But as far as RoS team mentality vs Vanilla team mentality. I'd probably favor the Vanilla itemization over the current itemization in the game, much less dictated, now everyone dresses the same, expects certain items to drop, uses same spells in same manner. That being said there were tons of improvements to the game in RoS -adventuremode- is a God sent.. VoA was gettin a lil bit ripe if you know what I mean.. oh ya and crypts** Some of the sets work well, others dont. TBH if anything I might've been more biased towards RoS prior to the last couple seasons.

If theres one thing that I see consistently done over and over again that it is a mistake, is over fixing things-- very black and white mentality hasnt changed, nothing is tuned slowly.. LoN 800% no, 100%.. IK 500% + morticks to what was it 150% before they upd to 250 and finally to 400%.. and I'm not saying 500% wasnt way OP, it was, for the times.. but theres so many items that were great at one point you cant even use now.. Rimeheart rip*

Also WD meta - Firebats, do it.
I do wish that they had stuck with the idea of the Point system to the Passives, but I really enjoy the game and it would have not been possible to get to this point without the original title. I love the work Josh and co. did with the game more, but I've been hooked since day one.

Whatever you do Jay, have fun with it hombre.
I like playing this game, and I liked Jay Wilsons work. I didn't play D2, maybe that's why I never could figure out all the venom I would read on these boards directed toward him. I wish him the best, and thanks for a fun game!
d2 fanboys are annoying,good god.
We should respect the guy who disrespected the creator of Diablo?

I feel the same about Jay as he did Dave Brevick.
JFC. It never ceases to amaze me how any post completely irrelevant to game mechanics can wind down to players complaining about game mechanics.

Good god.

Put that in a greeting/farewell card.

"Thank you for your services to the company! btw. (12 paragraph essay on whats wrong with something they had no part of)"

Who else wants to sign the card!? I've taped some loose leaf paper to the back for you guys.
2011 Blizzcon featured arena pvp, Jay was quite proud of this feature, it was bait & switch at it's finest but when it came to combat, that is where Jay exceled.

I feel like Jay was quick to point out Diablo 2's weaknesses, & it is only fitting that he will ALWAYS be synonymous w/ making Diablo dumbed down.

Thanks for the combat Jay, I feel like you would have been a fine dev, but never a lead dev. The only person I blame more than JW for using the Wow model on Diablo is Rob Pardo.

The sad thing is, Diablo USED to be a wicked adult role playing game, it was turned into a passing amusement for console kids & bored Wow players.
I think leadership matters and result shows in Diablo 3 for players who continue the grind.
I am back in the work force after years of owning a not so successful social enterprise for deaf to be designers and Engineers.

I still find time to level up gems to augment into the ancient gear after work if I can.
Meaning I am still playing, and find value in growing my toons.

Good job Jay and to the team.
I know I enjoy the game.

Thank you to the leadership and the team!
06/07/2016 05:46 PMPosted by Nevalistis
Jay is a colleague, friend, and human being

i don't know why, but that sentence put a smile on my little face. even though i disliked much of what the game represented under jay wilson, it makes me sad when people are mean and rude. sometimes people that i know very well are mean and rude to me as well. i jsut wish they realised that i am a person too just like them.
Good bye, Jay Wilson.
At first, I hated this game but it turned out to be built upon a very balanced structure. It showed me this in time, and all thanks to you I think.

Just... I wish your team have enough time to tell the story in a better way. It's heavily implied that we are the only sane person in the land of insanity and be seen as a savior. That kinda power trip never fit my imagination what Diablo lore was about. However, I still miss the old mechanics you brought to this game (yes, I miss rage timers now), yet I still miss the skill allocation and mob immunities you removed.

It's still a solid experience whatever the people might say, please don't let what others say bring you down. I do really hope Blizzard is thinking about an expansion pack to make it bigger, and take a better stance on your legacy.


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