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06/07/2016 06:43 PMPosted by Rialian
I hope he can write much better than he can design games.

Does he even have a choice other than writing now? I mean, who would hire this guy? He is literally PR disaster.
The best part about all the negative things people think about jays involvement is that he is directly responsible for the one thing that actually made d3 playable, the combat.
Neva, I'd like to point out that a lot of the disrespect he is receiving is karma. He famously dissed an important person in Diablo franchise history after, said person, gave his constructive criticism respectfully. It was an unfortunate event and he did apologize. However, there are people, like me, who think it felt forced because of the negative PR. Good luck to Mr Wilson in his future endeavors.
06/07/2016 05:46 PMPosted by Nevalistis
Edited the misleading title.

Threads that have been removed have been due to the amounts of disrespect that were contained within. Regardless of how you may feel about Jay's work here, we are all very sad to see him leave Blizzard, though it's wonderful to see he's pursuing his passions and we wish him the best in his writing endeavors.

Feel free to leave your thoughts about Jay's work and farewells here, as long as they remain respectful. It's okay to be critical, but it's possible to be critical while remaining respectful. What we won't tolerate is commentary on Jay's character or direct harassment. Jay is a colleague, friend, and human being, and deserves to be treated kindly like any other member of our community.

Lol respectful. Jay was an integral part of the destruction of the Diablo game. In his words he said "F that loser" to one of the original minds behind Diablo. He also said "shut up PvP guy" so I have no respect for him. Good luck Jay with your continued failures.
Farewell Jay!

No matter what is said, you have to gauge how well you did in this game by how many hours people put in to playing it.

I have spent over 2000 hours so that is a definite success on the part you played in designing the game! And there are many, many players who have put in just as many, if not a lot more play hours.

Have a happy retirement and don't let the clowns get you down!
Barzog will traverse the rubble that was once his homeland. He will make camp along the smoldering crater of Mount Arreat. There, he will enjoy roasted Boggit-on-a-Stick in Succubus sauce. And as the sun sets across that vast Barbarian wound, the sky a ruby flame, Barzog will give thanks that Barbarians had Jay Wilson, to call friend.
But mountains explode until there's nothing left but an achievement without points. So, Smash! Jay, Smash! Many a Barbarian heart, will buff a beat for you, as a whirlwind descends into an unsuspecting demon hoard, helping to ease their passing.
Multiplicatively, of course, on those beats.

Thnax, Jay!
That's a book I look forward to not reading.
06/08/2016 02:24 PMPosted by ConanTheBarb
That's a book I look forward to not reading.

By going on the same vein as D3, the book will be called Maleficent.
Fine game. After a few years the game still retaining players. It has issues here and there but players still playing that's the point. Players who claimed that this game suck so bad and poorly designed, they continue to play and actively posting here. Credits to Jay and team.
Jay did an awful job with D3v and he's not going to be missed on the game's industry
First impressions are lasting impressions as they say. Although the game did improve a lot, Jay Wilson will for better or worse always be remembered for releasing the mess that was D3V.
I never held any animosity towards Jay, I hold it against whomever put Jay in charge of D3. Anyone that has seen the kind of games Jay has made over his career could tell he should never of been lead of an ARPG title.
I can't attack the man personally (don't know him personally duh). I will say that he struck me as incredibly unprofessional based upon his reactions to criticism. Many of his posts were condescending, and he repeatedly served his own design ambitions before the communities. The game was released in such a dire state that people said the heck with this - simply remaster Diablo 2 in high definition and we'll be quiet.

The cherry on top was his public reaction to David Brevik which I'm hoping resulted in some awkward conversation @ HQ.
I doubt Wilson had anything to do with the untimely shipping date for D3. Designers seldom do, the corporate executives decide they want it shipped on a certain date to help market share during a slow period. We can thank them for the lack of completeness when D3 vanilla came out. I personally waited until patch 1.05, before that the game was way too easy for me until Inferno to even be worth considering playtime. I absolutely hate games that make me play a hundred hours just to get to a challenge and then have it be completely overwhelming and unplayable once you reach the end. However innovative and stunning the AH was I stayed away to preserve Diablo for what it is, an item hunt. I kind of liked the extreme item diversity until I figured out it would take years of farming to even good good rares in each slot without the AH. I remember 50k DPS being my ultimate culmination but still remaining faithful to the game. I had to really farm hell mode because of this, simply was too difficult on higher monster power, lol. Then when in Inferno you had to clock down monster power big time just to continue playing. This made the game inconsistent and puzzling. Rare items were a bit on the boring side and legendary items were virtually nonexistent for most players.

I'm currently leveling a nonseason on Torment 6 with about 700 paragons for the fun of it, and it is fun! I should be able to stay in Torment 6 all the way up to level 70 and farm awhile before increasing. D3 has a very simple and quick leveling system that's nothing to write home about, but hey it only took a few hours (it is so funny clearing an early mission in the campaign with nothing shared but gold without even crafting items and gaining 10 levels when your done)..., and there's alot to do at 70.

Yes, D3 is the best action oriented RPG on the market with perhaps an exception to some PVP specific games.

I personally don't miss the old skill tree system. I became quickly sick of Torchlight 2 BECAUSE of this system. Games like Grim Dawn and it's predecessor Titan Quest are a good compromise between D3's system and D2's old system. While they are skill trees, at least they are different and provide optional and varied synergies with each new character. D3 doesn't have that sadly and instead concentrates on gear choices. I wouldn't mind a Diablo with more roleplaying options, and other players are right that the paragon system is fun but not enough.

I do appreciate Blizzard's efforts in giving greater item customization with a unique feel including the cubing recipes. All of this, of course, was long after Wilson's true influence early in the game. D3 just didn't have any complexity to hold players beyond the beautiful combat. The features implemented since were no brainers that most players expected at day one...
06/08/2016 06:00 PMPosted by Shoots
I never held any animosity towards Jay, I hold it against whomever put Jay in charge of D3. Anyone that has seen the kind of games Jay has made over his career could tell he should never of been lead of an ARPG title.

His name is Rob Pardo, & I couldn't agree w/ you more.
Jay Wilson is my hero for game design. I respect and love so many of his choices for D3 and really hated to see him step down from D3, and especially now Blizzard. I have got to meet him and tell him how much I appreciate him and love him for all his awesome work.

"Stat/skill point allocation is an illusion of customization"
"Everyone wants to do damage"
"D2 was all about a few optimal builds, we want D3 to focus on many viable builds instead"

I'll miss you man. You've impacted me in many great ways.
D3 was a good enough game for me to spent many, many, MANY hours playing it. For that, I thank Jay and the rest of the Dev team.

I do, however, remember many of his quotes that were very condescending and abrasive to the playerbase and a person in his postion should remember where the money comes from that pays his bills. I see a lot of angry consumers on this site that remember his name very well.
Was a bad Director that was bad at communicating with the community. I'm sure Jay was a talented programmer (or whatever he was before) and I'm sure he earned his job by showing he was creative and had good ideas, but it didn't work out. When your online game loses 90% of it's community in the first year you failed.

Do I think it's all his fault? No. But I'm also not going to act like the game had any direction on release, and who is to blame for that besides the director? On top of that making ridiculous claims and having straight laughable quotes. Let's not forget some of the stuff he said.

1. "Diablo 3 will have enough content at launch for a years gameplay"

2. "And by the way, we want you to have high expectations for Diablo III and all Blizzard games. That’s what pushes us to try to make the best gaming experiences we possibly can. If Diablo III wasn’t a worthy next installment in the Diablo series, we wouldn’t release it. That’s the way we do it. That’s the way we’ve always done it."

3. "If PvP doesn't release by December it would be a disaster"

Also like already mention just poor at communicating. He tended to take a passive aggressive approach towards the community, and not take any criticisms seriously. Which I think was another cause for the mass exodus. Why should I stay if the Director won't even listen to these literally thousands of people complaining?

He constantly lied to the community. Not to say he has a choice. I'm sure he can't say "The games not ready but hell we got investors and those investors have quarterly goals"

I don't wish ill will on Jay. I don't even really blame him. BUt I can't act like I don't consider him part of a failed project.

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