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POE is releasing another great update today.. lol have fun still playing this fail of a game, this patch is bigger the like every update d3 has seen combined!!! they release patch notes days early, add tons of new items every update, fix bugs asap, talk in the forums.. quit kidding yourself and give this crappy game up!! i did over a year ago, but i pop in every so often to try and spread the love... see you smart people in poe, and if you comment on this thread i wont read it because i wont be back until another patch to tell you all how much this game sucks again.. stay mad or play poe... later guys!!! ;)
PoE isnt the right game for people who are still playing D3.
Because if you are still here, you like the arcady and limited gameplay and wont like a slow level process from 1-65 what PoE has, PoE is accelerating at level 70+ and people who have still hope with D3 and sticked with it for 4 years do not have the patience to do the slow level progress at the early game, they will quit at level 40-50 and call it trash. And yes i know saying someone who has sticked with something for 4 years has no patience does seem not to fit, but you know what i mean.

Everyone should play what he likes and with such a post you wont reach anything.
I'm puzzled why someone would take the time to come back to this "crappy game" forums and tell us just how amazing life is on the other side of the fence.

Then I quickly visit the POE boards, because in my experience, game fans always complain and think their current game of choice has issues, devs are bad, etc...

3 topics off the top of the page
- cant get into game in a queue ffs
- Create a better curency sink...
- Who else is not going to play PoE anymore because of the lab?

Too funny. They are all the same!

Well, enjoy Benjy. I'm still having fun playing this "fail of a game". See you in a couple months!
Not wanna say much but

1. queue is cause of the new league is starting in 1 hour and since the new patch got deployed people have to wait till the gates will open - remember error 37? thats a way to avoid it. Btw the queue of 10k is gone within 5-10 minutes after start.

2. Currency sink is only a problem at the standard league which is there since day 1, every character from other time based leagues will be converted at the end to the standard league and of course there will be at some day much currency arround - people complaining about that are the ones with the highest stock cause they see their value decreasing, its fine for normal players and very good for new players, cause you can afford stuff.

3. search for the thread with positiv feedback about the lab ~25 fold as much response.

Have a nice day
I come to a D3 forum to hear good news about D3... instead I get PoE lol.
thanks bruh. glad you came here ot make a post about something you dislike instead of posting on poe. you da man
noone cares
Good games generally speak for themselves...

Instead, PoE's players tend to defend and feel the need to speak for it.

Notice how D3 is void from all PoE's forums because the developers are threatened by it and delete posts right away.

Meanwhile, these posts just get moved. It's not a threat to Blizzard lol.

If it was truly that great of a game, we wouldn't need fanboys coming here to post about it. We'd know. We didn't miss the memo. We simply ignored it all together.
PoE is a PoS.
Anyone who must constantly say "im the king" is no true king
8 minutes get hype
06/03/2016 12:29 PMPosted by Checkmate
PoE is a PoS.

I concur!

PoE is garbage...biggest update is because it has so many problems.....not sure why any human would say otherwise....OP must not be human, or a PoS dev....
So much hype it spills into the 'competition' if you can even call this life-support ridden 'game' that.
All I play is D3...now we get news about POE on a Diablo forum...??
umm ok O_o
Lol @ how Blizzard just moved it like I thought they would.
Absolutely no care in the world.

Love this company.
OP is being a jerk about it, but yeah POE is great.

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